Seeing is Believing: Answering Your FAQs with Videos

Since launching our Peg Perego USA Channel on YouTube in April, we’ve had more than 92,700 upload views. That surprised even us, but we’re so glad that you’re finding and using the channel.

We’ve found it pretty useful too. In fact, we can now answer a lot of the questions we get from all of you with videos. Sometimes a picture, or in this case a video, really is worth a thousand words. So what videos are we sharing the most? Check out some of the FAQs we think can best be answered with a video.

1. I’m considering the Pliko Switch Compact … What is this “baby safety enclosure” system I keep reading about?

2. I love that the Tatamia highchair doubles as a baby swing. How does that work?

3. How hard is it to attach the Jumper Seat to the Skate?

4. I’m looking at the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant car seat. I see that it has the LATCH system … How does it work?

5. A lot of your strollers say they have “an easy one-hand” fold … How easy is it?

We invite you to explore the Peg Perego USA Channel on YouTube for yourself. There you’ll find full-length videos on some of our most popular products and feature-specific clips. And as always, if you have a question, please ask! Leave us a comment or email us at

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New Videos: Modular Systems

They say less is more. Still, there are times, particularly when buying for baby, that more is more! That’s especially the case when it comes to Peg Perego’s amazing Modular Systems.

Our two systems—the Skate System and the Pliko Switch Compact Modular System—give you more by including everything you’ll need for baby in one single purchase.

Modular Systems are a great choice, especially if you are a new parent, or you just want everything new (and matching) for baby. Not only are Modular Systems complete, but ours also grow right along with your baby. Both the Skate and the Switch systems give you the versatility to transport baby in a bassinet, car seat, or stroller seat.

If you’re looking for style, you’ll want to consider our Skate System. Ever so fashionable, the luxurious three-piece system easily converts from an ultra-comfortable carriage to a reversible, fully functional stroller. And the wheels, which were designed with ball bearings and shock-absorbing springs, make it extremely smooth to push. When watching the video, be sure to notice:

  • The included Skate bassinet.
  • The reversible seat.
  • All of the available accessories, including the Jumper Seat, which quickly turns the Skate into a head-turning stroller for two.

We also invite you to consider making the switch to our Pliko Switch Compact Modular System. The centerpiece of this system is our beloved Pliko Switch Compact stroller. The all-inclusive system also comes with our award-winning Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant seat, our urban-chic Navetta XL bassinet and stand, and our Borsa diaper bag. When watching the video, be sure to notice:

Want to see more? Make sure you check out our very own Peg Perego USA YouTube Channel. There, you can watch videos of some of our most popular products. And be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment. Questions are welcomed too!

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Meet Our Newest Additions: Peg Perego Product Videos!

You’ve been asking, and we’ve been listening!

Our highly anticipated product videos—featuring products from our 2011 USA Collection—are here! Our hope is that these videos, which can be found on our brand new Peg Perego USA YouTube Channel, will help you find the perfect product for your family.

This week, we wanted to feature two videos that spotlight two of our great lightweight stroller options, the Vela Easy Drive and the Pliko Mini.

If you’re looking for a convenient and lightweight stroller with all of the features, we think you’ll love the Vela Easy Drive. With the Vela’s larger wheels, steering and maneuverability are effortless! When you’re watching the Vela Easy Drive Video, be sure to notice:

  • The convenient standalone feature.
  • How with the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30, the Vela Easy Drive becomes a travel system.
  • The easy, one-hand fold.

Want something that makes travel a breeze? Check out the Pliko Mini! At only 13 pounds, the Pliko Mini—a new addition to the Peg Perego lineup for 2011—is perfect for travel or as an everyday stroller. The Pliko Mini is practical, yet still so very stylish! When you’re watching the Pliko Mini Video, be sure to notice:

  • The adjustable backrest, which provides a deep recline.
  • The easy and compact, collapsible fold.
  • The vibrant color selections.

We’ll continue to feature more videos in the coming weeks.

Can’t wait that long? You can see all of our product videos right now on our Peg Perego USA YouTube Channel. Let us know what you think!

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Product Videos are Here!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million—especially if that video helps you decide which stroller is just right for your family!

That’s why we at Peg Perego are so excited to launch our brand new product videos. Available on our very own Peg Perego USA YouTube channel, the new videos feature some of our most popular strollers—the Pliko Switch Compact, the Skate System, the Pliko P3 Compact, the Pliko Mini, the Vela Easy Drive and the Aria Twin 60-40. There are also videos for the Primo Viaggio SIP30-30 car seat and the Tatamia and Prima Pappa Best high chairs.

In addition to seeing our products in action, you’ll get demonstrations on some of the many features that make Peg Perego so unique. And trust us, seeing is believing!

Want to see for yourself? Check out this week’s featured videos on the Pliko Switch Compact and Pliko P3 Compact. Both are great everyday strollers, but the videos might just help you decide which one would be best for your family.

With its reversible seat, the Pliko Switch Compact infant-to-toddler stroller is the ultimate in convenience. When watching the video, be sure to notice:

  • The reversible seat.
  • The one- or two-hand, compact umbrella–style fold, which can be done with the seat facing either direction.
  • How quickly the seat converts into a carriage

The Pliko P3 Compact stroller combines a full-featured stroller and a compact umbrella stroller, into one! When watching the video, be sure to notice:

  • The one-hand quick and easy fold, which allows for quick closing and carrying.
  • The full hood with window and pocket that converts into a sun canopy

In the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring all of our new videos. But you can see the entire series NOW on our Peg Perego USA You Tube channel. Let us know what you think!

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