2010 Fabric Collection: Girly Girls

Do you have a girly girl in your life? Maybe one on the way?

Peg Perego prides itself on using only the most fashion-forward colors and designs on our upholstery. Since our designers work out of Milan, they’re able to easily study the coming year’s hottest trends, creating fabric collections that capture the most impactful styles and crazes. Consequently, our collections have historically been gender-neutral, adhering to colors of fashion as opposed to colors of gender.

But with purple solidified as an “it” color for the second year in a row, we knew it was time to welcome something a bit more feminine—a bit more geared to the girliest of girls.

For the 2010 collection, we have two feminine fabrics that are sure to please, not only for their delicate, girly appeal, but for their top status in the coming year’s trends. Lavanda was selected and designed for its refreshing nod to the currently vogue purple, while Naif Rose was selected not only for how well it accentuated the fashion-forward Naif design, but to meet the growing demand for a pink upholstery.

While these fabrics may appeal to girly girls, they certainly have their place in the fashion world.

Lavanda. A soft lavender is accented by a cool gray for a combination that is both chic and feminine. Purple is entering its second year as a top color, and our Lavanda upholstery reflects that prominence. Lavanda can be found on the 2010 Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat (below) and the 2010 Pliko P3 stroller (below).


Naif Rose. A vibrant pink joins the popular and modern Naif design for a look that is both girly and hip. Pink fabrics are in high demand at Peg Perego; the last time we offered a pink fabric was in 2007. Naif Rose can be found on the 2010 Prima Pappa Diner high chair (below).


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Introducing Reversible Fabric

While our fabrics follow a similar model from year to year, we’re launching something new in 2010—reversible fabric! Featuring an extra-soft, two-sided cushion, our reversible fabric is a great option for parents who live in various climates and experience more intense seasonal changes.

The Soft Comfort side of this durable upholstery will offer luxurious, velvet-like comfort—great for cold months and northern climates. The reverse side features natural cotton—light and breezy for the warmer months.

And along with it being reversible, it’s stain and water resistant! So not only do you get a multi-functional, luxurious fabric, but it’ll be able to perform under baby’s continual tests.

The Soft Comfort Fabric will be available on our P3 and Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat in both Sophia (a rich burgundy) and Marea (a deep navy) and on our Uno in Sophia.


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2010 Fabric Collection – Limited Edition

Designed in what could be considered the fashion capital of the world, Milan, Italy, Peg Perego’s fabric collection is always a direct reflection of the coming year’s trends, colors, and styles. The 2010 collection is no exception.

The entire collection is broken up into six sub-collections: elegance, soft reversible, active, fashion, leather, and limited edition. Each is designed to reflect the taste and lifestyle of a different user in a trendy and fashionable way.

As the weeks progress, we’ll take a deeper look into each sub-collection, and how that assortment of colors and patterns may appeal to different users. But for now, here’s a look at our limited edition, Gala:

For the parent who believes cutting edge trends should work for everyday style, Peg Perego presents Gala—a perfectly plaid fabric, comfortable enough for the smallest of trend-setters.



2010 Peg Perego products in Limited Edition Gala. Clockwise, starting from top left: Pliko Switch stroller, Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant car seat, Pliko P3 stroller, and Uno stroller.

Plaid is back, appearing on runways and store mannequins from Paris to New York. Inspired by this trend, Gala portrays plaid in a chic, modern way. Silver-gray lines criss-cross over a black background, downplaying the busyness that is typical of plaid, yet giving it a fresh, urban feel.

The Gala collection will be available on the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30, Uno, Pliko Switch, and Pliko P3.

Check back next week for a look at our new, soft reversible fabrics for the Pliko P3, Uno and Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30!

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Following in Shiloh’s Footsteps

In keeping up with the Joneses (or should I say Alba-Warrens, Jolie-Pitts, Holmes-Cruises . . .), there’s one article of celebrity-endorsed clothing that may just be within your budget.

Believe it or not, but celebrities are footing their children in shoes that could be found at the mall, the daycare, or on your neighbor’s daughter’s feet. We’re not talking Armani or D&G Junior (though those still appear on celebrity baby feet). We’re talking Converse, See Kai Run, and Pediped.

So, if you feel the desire to make baby a little more trendy, a little more on par with Honor, Shiloh and Suri, take comfort in knowing that the shoes, at least, can fit into your budget. Think around $30. That’s not too steep a price to pay for shoes that are cute, durable and trendy.

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