The Daddy Diaries: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

We’re celebrating Father’s Day a little early with a special dad-inspired post. Here, one dad gives us an inside look at what went through his head when shopping for that first stroller. Enjoy!

Six years ago this Father’s Day, my wife, Theresa, and I were busy preparing for the fall arrival of our first son together, Oliver. She sported her usual placid demeanor. I, on the other hand, was filled with what the Italians would say was paura, or fear.

I was fearful that I wouldn’t be a good father (or “Papa,” as Oliver would come to call me). I was fearful because I knew the hospital would not send an owner’s manual with us. I was fearful about germs and whether our stockpile of Purell was large enough. But near the top of my concerns was how to properly transport our little guy. This is when Peg Perego came to the rescue.

We knew we didn’t want just any old stroller (especially me, with all of my paura), so we selected the Peg Perego Pliko P3 Classico, an earlier version of what is now the Pliko Four.

The ultimate stroller in my eyes, it became a travel system in literally a “snap.” Plus, its one-hand fold design allowed fathers like me to fold and store the 20-some pound stroller with all the speed and precision of an Indy 500 pit stop. Not unlike the Pliko Four sold today, it offered a smooth ride, a large storage basket, a large hood with window and pocket, and came in a variety of fashionable colors (this last one my wife appreciated more than I did). Honestly, the only way you could get more features on a mode of transportation with such fine Italian craftsmanship is if you purchased a Ferrari.

The Pliko was stylish, safe and easy to use. As a matter of fact, Theresa was able to teach me (the mechanically inept) how to operate it in less than five minutes.

After Oliver’s birth, my fear about being a first-time father quickly subsided. My memories of those first few years of his life are good ones. They are filled with images of reading him his first book (Put Me in the Zoo, by Robert Lopshire), watching him pull himself up while wearing his Indiana Pacers uniform, and each of us on our bellies navigating Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater around our carpeted Radiator Springs. And when it was time to leave the house and do some navigating of our own, Peg Perego was there for us. Our Pliko was an assurance that Oliver would be comfortable and secure while still being a stylin’ baby.

Father’s Day comes with memories—along with gifts like a homemade book featuring Sonic the Hedgehog or an Angry Birds T-shirt—of what makes the day so special. Of course there are still times of paura (those never go away completely), but thanks to Peg Perego, when it came to transporting Oliver, they helped me to rilassare!

From our family to yours, happy Father’s Day!

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1 + 1 = 4 Stroller Options for Siblings

 Are you expecting for the second time? Congratulations! As your family grows, your stroller needs may change, but don’t worry…we’ve got you covered. Check out our top picks for multiples, siblings and growing families:

1. Aria Twin 60/40

This side-by-side double stroller is our No. 1 pick for young siblings. Super lightweight and compact, we especially designed the Aria Twin 60/40 to fit through standard doorways. How were we able to do it? The Aria Twin 60/40 was designed with two different seat sizes (one that will accept a car seat), which is just perfect for siblings.

2. Duette SW

Expecting twins? For twins, or for families with two young children, we love the Duette SW. The tandem-style double stroller has two individual seats that can face forward, backward or each other. And the Duette SW will accept one—or two—car seats. (If you have triplets or three young children, we suggest the similar Triplette SW.)

3. Skate System + Jumper Seat

It’s easy to stay stylish, even with two children in tow. If you’re expecting again, or think there might be a second baby in your family’s future, you may want to consider our Skate System. With its Jumper Seat accessory, it’s easy to turn our fashionable stroller system into a head-turning double.

4. Pliko Four + Rear Footboard or Switch Four + Rear Footboard

Our two most popular strollers, the Pliko Four and the Switch Four, were built for growing families. Both come standard with our rear footboard. It provides a safe (and big-kid-approved) ride for an older, second passenger. We love it for siblings that are a few years apart.

What do you think about these options? Please share thoughts and questions below. We’d love to hear from you!

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2012 Peg Perego Switch Four

There’s no better time to make the Switch! Our Italian designers have updated our popular modular Switch stroller—loved by parents worldwide for its reversible, removable seat—with a chic new design for 2012. The new Switch Four features a revamped four-wheel design, a sleek new bumper bar, and a color-coordinating foot muff.

The result is a stroller that marries great style and great design.

The modular, infant-to-toddler Switch Four provides the ultimate in versatility. In seconds, you can switch baby to face you, or the world ahead, thanks to its reversible seat. The Switch Four is also travel-system compatible. Our Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant car seat (sold separately) attaches right to the stroller’s chassis. The updated four-wheel design not only gives the Switch a fresh new look, but with 12 ball bearings and a suspension system, they make the Switch Four 30 percent easier to push. And the Switch closes easily with just one hand, with or without its seat attached.

You’ll also love these Switch Four features

  • Fully reclining seat that easily transforms into a carriage
  • Adjustable leg and back rest
  • Large, handy storage basket that holds all the necessities
  • Telescoping handles for taller adults
  • Adult cup holder
  • Large hood with peek-a-boo window that unzips to become a sun canopy
  • Built-in rear footboard that provides a safe ride for a second passenger
  • Included foot muff and rain cover

The Switch Four is perfect for families looking for a stylish, easy-to-use stroller that offers convenient features for every stage of baby’s development. What do you think? Will you making the Switch? Share your thoughts and questions about the new Pliko Switch below. We’d love to hear what you think!



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