A Colorful New Chapter in the Book Stroller Story!

What’s the latest must-read in strollers? Our new Book, of course! If you haven’t already read our review, you should know that this latest addition to the Peg Perego family of strollers is a perfect choice for stylish parents looking for excellent features.

From opening to closing, the Book turns a wonderful new page in Peg Perego’s story of style and design. And the latest chapter? Well, let’s just say it’s a very colorful one. That’s because the Book will be introduced in a new fabric and three gorgeous color options! Read on …

“Understated chic took on a  new meaning the moment Classico Stone entered the room … ” Who knew that grey could be so vibrant? But Stone is just that ­— a dynamic, silver-hued neutral that stands out in a crowd, coupled with classic black accents. Sure to be popular with the Book Club!

“Smooth and smart, Classico Mentha just had that certain way of keeping it cool …” Like a breath of fresh air, new Mentha rolls in with a minty-green tone that’s so cool it’s hot. Accented with sophisticated grey touches it’s destined to be Readers’ Choice for every Book fan.

“With a flourish, Classico Flamenco strolled in. All heads turned … ” Sporting a fashionable, radiant red, new Flamenco is the bright choice for baby. Paired with classic black trim and hardware, it’s bound to be on the best-seller Book list this fall!

What could possibly make all three of these striking new Book colors even better? The new fabric they’re created on! Peg Perego’s new Soft Fabric Collection brings a whole new dimension of softness to our strollers and, most importantly, to your baby. Combining two ultra-soft-yet-strong jersey knit fabrics with a delicate lining, the Soft Fabric Collection is silky smooth, comfortable, breathable and, naturally, durable. You might say it’s a colorful twist to a very happy ending!

The Book in new Stone, Mentha andFlamenco will be available this October! And a similar new design, the Book Plus, which features a reversible seat, will be available in December. Use our Store Locator to find a Peg Perego retailer near you.

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Get a Read on Our Newest Stroller, the Book!


Once upon a time, there was a new stroller from Peg Perego, and it was called the Book.

The Book was compact, approved for children from birth and allowed parents to explore the world in total freedom. Parents were intrigued and asked, “Why call it the Book?” The answer was simple: This innovative stroller came equipped with a user-friendly fold that allowed it to close “like a book.”

A simple pull on the handle above the basket quickly closed the Book, making it easy to fold and take anywhere. Once folded, it could stand on its own, and not only did the Book possess an innovative fold, but it closed inward, always keeping the upholstery clean and protected.

The single handlebar used for folding also allowed the stroller to be pulled like a trolley (perfect for parents on the go). And a large, easy-loading basket added to the practicality of the Book.


This newest addition to the Peg Perego family of strollers was a perfect choice for the stylish parents who were looking for many excellent features. The Book delivered. In addition to the innovative fold system, it had one-handed steering, was easy to drive, had an eight-position recline system and offered fashion-forward fabric.

The Book was like a fairy-tale-come-true in that the features didn’t stop there. It also had retractable anchors located on the seat. These created a travel system that let the Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 car seat easily attach to the stroller. Large wheels with 12 ball bearings and a single handlebar allowed for 360-degree agility and minimal effort in pushing and maneuvering. The Book also was equipped with a UV protected transparent window, which allowed parents to see their little ones, while keeping them safe from ultraviolet rays.


All of these features were nice, but what would really set them off were the striking colors the Book came in. Parents were delighted with the distinct Mentha, Flamenco and Stone.

All in all, it was a wonderful stroller. The Book combined the safety, comfort and style that the Peg Perego family was known for. And they all lived happily ever after.


The best thing about this story? The Book will be available this October! And a similar new design, the Book Plus, which features a reversible seat, will be available in December. Use our Store Locator to find a Peg Perego retailer near you.

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Peg on Parade

We love a parade! We’re celebrating one of our favorite American holidays, the Fourth of July, with a very special celebration … a parade of strollers. Enjoy and happy Fourth!

1. Skate System
Our very own style icon, the three-piece system that can be used as a reversible stroller, carriage or travel system.

2. Switch Four
Make the Switch … to the modular reversible stroller that allows baby to face you or the world ahead!

3. Pliko Four
The ultimate, complete stroller combines all the very best style and features.

4. Si
Say “yes” to the compact, easy-folding stroller that’s a breeze to take anywhere and everywhere.

5. Uno
Easily “the one,” the reversible handlebar easily and effortlessly converts this stroller to a carriage.

6. Vela Easy Drive
The full-featured, quick-trip stroller with exceptional maneuverability that’s just so easy to love.

7. Pliko Mini
Available in a rainbow of vibrant hues, the compact umbrella stroller that’s a go-to favorite for everyday adventures.

How are you celebrating the Fourth? Be sure to share your plans (and pictures! we love pictures!) with us on Facebook.

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Peg in Pictures: Sneak Peek of the Brand New Book!

Have you heard? We’re introducing a brand new stroller! While the Book won’t be available for a few more months (sigh), we just can’t keep it from you any longer. We had to give you a sneak peek.

Named after its most distinctive design element, the Book will feature a very special compact book fold. The new travel-system-ready stroller will also have a single, easy-to-push handlebar and larger wheels (with the same 12 ball bearings and suspension as our other strollers, which allows for effortless maneuverability and 360-degree navigation).

There’s so much more we can’t wait to tell you (like available color options)! Stay tuned for all the latest details. We definitely have a few more surprises up our sleeves.

The Book will start arriving in select stores in September.

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The Daddy Diaries: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

We’re celebrating Father’s Day a little early with a special dad-inspired post. Here, one dad gives us an inside look at what went through his head when shopping for that first stroller. Enjoy!

Six years ago this Father’s Day, my wife, Theresa, and I were busy preparing for the fall arrival of our first son together, Oliver. She sported her usual placid demeanor. I, on the other hand, was filled with what the Italians would say was paura, or fear.

I was fearful that I wouldn’t be a good father (or “Papa,” as Oliver would come to call me). I was fearful because I knew the hospital would not send an owner’s manual with us. I was fearful about germs and whether our stockpile of Purell was large enough. But near the top of my concerns was how to properly transport our little guy. This is when Peg Perego came to the rescue.

We knew we didn’t want just any old stroller (especially me, with all of my paura), so we selected the Peg Perego Pliko P3 Classico, an earlier version of what is now the Pliko Four.

The ultimate stroller in my eyes, it became a travel system in literally a “snap.” Plus, its one-hand fold design allowed fathers like me to fold and store the 20-some pound stroller with all the speed and precision of an Indy 500 pit stop. Not unlike the Pliko Four sold today, it offered a smooth ride, a large storage basket, a large hood with window and pocket, and came in a variety of fashionable colors (this last one my wife appreciated more than I did). Honestly, the only way you could get more features on a mode of transportation with such fine Italian craftsmanship is if you purchased a Ferrari.

The Pliko was stylish, safe and easy to use. As a matter of fact, Theresa was able to teach me (the mechanically inept) how to operate it in less than five minutes.

After Oliver’s birth, my fear about being a first-time father quickly subsided. My memories of those first few years of his life are good ones. They are filled with images of reading him his first book (Put Me in the Zoo, by Robert Lopshire), watching him pull himself up while wearing his Indiana Pacers uniform, and each of us on our bellies navigating Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater around our carpeted Radiator Springs. And when it was time to leave the house and do some navigating of our own, Peg Perego was there for us. Our Pliko was an assurance that Oliver would be comfortable and secure while still being a stylin’ baby.

Father’s Day comes with memories—along with gifts like a homemade book featuring Sonic the Hedgehog or an Angry Birds T-shirt—of what makes the day so special. Of course there are still times of paura (those never go away completely), but thanks to Peg Perego, when it came to transporting Oliver, they helped me to rilassare!

From our family to yours, happy Father’s Day!

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Let the Memories Begin!

We’re going to Disney World! Yay! But wait, which stroller should we bring?

As an online associate for Peg Perego, I have been asked—and have answered—that question dozens of times for other families. And I definitely have my favorites … the Pliko Mini, the Pliko Four, the Si and the Aria Twin 60-40, they all top my list.

But what did I choose when it was time to take my own family to Disney World?

Drumroll, please … the Pliko Four!

I chose the Pliko Four for a million different reasons, but mostly because it has all the features needed to keep my littlest one, 2-year-old Jack, happy all day. Plus, it has a built-in rear footboard that my 5-year-old daughter, Maddie, could use during our long days at the parks.

Before we left on our trip, I had lots of friends ask if we would be taking a stroller or not. Yes, Jack is 2, and he’s quite capable of walking, but honestly, I couldn’t imagine Disney without our stroller. The average person walks between 6 to 12 miles a day at Disney World. That’s a lot of walking for anyone, let alone a small child. Plus, let’s face it, little kids need breaks. They need to rest and nap and eat.

With the Pliko Four’s adjustable seat and large canopy that unzips to become a full sun canopy (a must for the hot Florida sun), the stroller was the perfect place for a snooze on the go. We also found that the available Snack Tray is a must for Disney. Not only is it great for quick snacks on the go, but a lot of the quick-service dining places don’t have high chairs, and we found that the Pliko Four plus Snack Tray worked just as well.

As for our 5-year-old, she enjoyed the Pliko Four’s rear footboard just as much as I had anticipated. Every day, usually in the mid-afternoon when temperatures peaked and her energy dropped, she’d happily hop a ride on the stroller’s built in footboard. This was not only a plus for her, but for us as well. We saw lots of tired (and hot) parents carrying big kids around, and we were glad to not be among them.

As for my husband and me, we loved the Pliko Four’s adjustable handles that gave us both the perfect fit (he’s 6’2”; I’m 5’3”), the Adult Cup Holder and the convenient shopping basket. We were thankful for the Pliko Four’s compact, self-standing fold. Even though we stayed on property, we had to use lots and lots of different forms of transportation during our trip—ferry boats, buses, the storied Monorail. While sometimes we were able to roll our Pliko Four right on, other times we were asked to fold it. We had a number of other parents, and park employees, comment on how quickly ours folded, and its standalone fold.

So does the Pliko Four still top my list? Of course! Not only has it earned its spot there, but after a trip with my family to the most magical place on earth, it’s earned a little spot in my heart as well.

Need a recommendation for your family? Ask us by commenting below. We love helping families find the perfect strollers, wherever they go.

And for the very best in-person customer care and service, shop a Peg Perego authorized retailer. Use our Where to Buy tool to find one near you.


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We have a winner!

We have a winner of the Peg Perego Summer Giveaway!  The winner is …

Shannon O., who shared where she wants to take her baby this summer in the Pliko Mini:

“I would take our baby to Chicago for a family reunion and to St. Louis to a Cardinals game. Also, in St. Louis, I would take him to the zoo, Grant’s Farm and the City Museum! Love this stroller!”

Sounds like fun! (Check your inbox Shannon, you’ll be getting an email from us early next week.)

Thank you to all who entered our Summer Giveaway.

Long live summer!

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Ready. Set. Summer.

We love summer!

The long, lazy days. Beach days and getaways. Strolls through the park and fireflies after dark.

We’re welcoming the unofficial start of our all-time-favorite season this Memorial Day with one more reason to celebrate … a summer giveaway!

Your family could win a Pliko Mini in Fire. Available in a rainbow of vibrant hues, the compact, lightweight Mini is our favorite pick for summertime adventures.

For your chance to win, comment below and tell us where you would take the Pliko Mini this summer. We will randomly select one winner. Please comment by 3 p.m. EST, Thursday, May 31. (One comment per family please. Sorry, contest is open to U.S. residents only.)

Buona fortuna! (Good luck!)




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1 + 1 = 4 Stroller Options for Siblings

 Are you expecting for the second time? Congratulations! As your family grows, your stroller needs may change, but don’t worry…we’ve got you covered. Check out our top picks for multiples, siblings and growing families:

1. Aria Twin 60/40

This side-by-side double stroller is our No. 1 pick for young siblings. Super lightweight and compact, we especially designed the Aria Twin 60/40 to fit through standard doorways. How were we able to do it? The Aria Twin 60/40 was designed with two different seat sizes (one that will accept a car seat), which is just perfect for siblings.

2. Duette SW

Expecting twins? For twins, or for families with two young children, we love the Duette SW. The tandem-style double stroller has two individual seats that can face forward, backward or each other. And the Duette SW will accept one—or two—car seats. (If you have triplets or three young children, we suggest the similar Triplette SW.)

3. Skate System + Jumper Seat

It’s easy to stay stylish, even with two children in tow. If you’re expecting again, or think there might be a second baby in your family’s future, you may want to consider our Skate System. With its Jumper Seat accessory, it’s easy to turn our fashionable stroller system into a head-turning double.

4. Pliko Four + Rear Footboard or Switch Four + Rear Footboard

Our two most popular strollers, the Pliko Four and the Switch Four, were built for growing families. Both come standard with our rear footboard. It provides a safe (and big-kid-approved) ride for an older, second passenger. We love it for siblings that are a few years apart.

What do you think about these options? Please share thoughts and questions below. We’d love to hear from you!

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2012 Vela Easy Drive (“Sail” into Spring Break!)

Make a break for it with our lightweight, full-featured 2012 Vela Easy Drive. It’s one of our top picks for spring break, and travel in general.

At just 15.8 pounds, the Vela Easy Drive is perfect for any trip. And with a convenient easy-push handlebar, larger wheels for superior maneuverability, and little extras like a one-hand folding feature, it’s the one you’ll want to take everywhere you go, long after your trip.

The Vela’s one-hand-push single handlebar, large rear wheels and front swivel wheels with ball bearings offer enhanced steering and maneuverability. And that makes it easy to “sail” right through theme parks, museums…even busy airports. (Fun Fact: Vela is Italian for “sail.”)

If your itinerary calls for lots of travel time in and out of the car, don’t worry. Pair the Vela Easy Drive with the Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 car seat (sold separately) to create the perfect travel system.

The Vela has all the features you need for a busy day out and about. A large, handy storage basket holds all the daily necessities and a child’s snack tray with cup holder make meals on the run quick and easy. Plus, the Vela’s hood easily converts to a sun canopy, thanks to a two-way zipper.

Features of the Vela Easy Drive include:

  • One-hand quick, easy and compact fold
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Telescoping handles for taller adults
  • Side adult cup holder
  • Loop on canopy to dangle baby’s favorite lightweight toy

Want to see the Vela in action? Check out this video.

Have a question? Please ask! We’d love to help you find the perfect stroller. And for the very best personal care and service, shop a Peg Perego authorized retailer. Use our Where to Buy tool to find one near you.

Viaggio sicuro! (Safe travels!)

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