Baby Talk: The 2012 Siesta High Chair

We just love our new high chair, the Siesta. The sleek new design, the ultra-compact fold, the multiple functions that easily accommodate your child’s growth from birth to toddlerhood, we could go on and on. But don’t just take our word for it …

According to some of the most popular baby bloggers out there, our Siesta is our “best high chair to date,” “a sleek high chair that’s nailing it” and a “must-have” for new parents. See below for what else the bloggers had to say. We think you’ll agree, the Siesta is one very special high chair.

In the Know Mom

The mommy bloggers over at In the Know Mom know a high chair isn’t just for feedings; it can be a “crucial tool for keeping baby safe while entertained.” They loved that the Siesta can be used for that and for so many years of baby’s life:

“The Siesta’s design is all one could hope for. Highly adjustable, the Siesta grows with your child from birth, providing a safe and comfortable space to eat and play. It can be used as a recliner for those early months (0-6 months).  The high chair has five recline positions, going back to a 150-degree angle. After six months, use the high chair in its seated position with the removable tray in place (top liner is dishwasher safe). With the removable tray option, the Siesta can be pulled right up to the dining table. So when your child reaches their first birthday, they can join in with family meals.”

The BabyGuy Gear Guide

The one and only BabyGuy seemed to love the Siesta for its form as much as its function, calling the Siesta “great looking” and “awesome”:

“How many times have you seen ugly high chairs?  Don’t be ashamed—you might even own one!  Peg Perego, that omni-present Italian manufacturer of baby goods, wants to change this—and they’re doing a bang-up job … The eco-leather upholstery is really plush and very easy to wipe clean, and comes in a variety of eye-catching colors. The seat features a five-point harness, as well as a crotch bar integrated into the seat, so if the tray is off and the harness is being taken off (or put on), your precious angel will not slide out (side note: many high chairs have these bars, but they’re affixed to the tray which does NO good). As I mentioned, the seat has a great one-handed recline, as well as a multi-position foot rest. Grayson, my nephew, enjoys sitting in his so much I am kind of jealous. There’s also a great storage pouch on the back of the seat to keep wipes and what-not handy.”


As a new mom-to-be, SayBayBee founder Sae La Chin is in the market for a new high chair. She loved the Siesta’s multiple functions and its space-saving footprint, easy cleanup and adjustable footrest:

“Since there are many items to buy before the baby arrives, you want products to store easily to save space. The Siesta does just that with its compact, standalone fold and super-sleek design. It’s pretty perfect for any size living space. Worried about messy feedings like me? This high chair can be wiped cleaned with just a damp cloth. I wish everything was that easy. Another favorite feature is the three-position adjustable footrest. Your child will sit up without slouching in the chair by using the footrest as support. No more dangling legs!”

Baby Gizmo

The baby gear experts over at Baby Gizmo were quick to point out that the Siesta is “packed with features that make this chair great for birth up to about 3 years old.” See everything they loved (and the few things they didn’t) in this video review:

The Siesta is available now! Use our Where to Buy to find a retailer near you.


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Buon Appetito!

Last week, you got a special sneak peek of our newest high chair, the Siesta. And we’re just as excited to present our full 2012 High Chair Collection to you. This new collection includes four downright-delicious designs. Enjoy!

One of our all-time favorites, the Prima Pappa Diner is the original Peg Perego high chair. (Fun fact: The Prima Pappa was the very first high chair on the market to introduce a reclining seat feature!) In recent years, we’ve updated the Diner with super-chic, colorful designs and must-haves like our dishwasher-safe double tray. The Prima Pappa Diner is perfect for families looking for a high chair that will last for years (and babies!) to come.

With a touch more sophistication, our Prima Pappa Best is one luxurious high chair. This classic style features finely tailored, buttery-soft (and stain-resistant) Prima Classe upholstery, as well as some great little extras, like an adjustable footrest and storage basket. Parents who appreciate both form and function will love the Prima Pappa Best.

Our Tatamia is probably our most talked about high chair. (Did you see it on the “Ellen Show”?) The Peg Perego Tatamia is so much more than a high chair. The multi-purpose design transforms from a recliner to a swing and then to high chair! And its space-saving footprint makes it easy to roll throughout the house. New parents who want to simplify their home by replacing three pieces of baby gear with one will love the Tatamia.

And don’t forget our newest high chair, the Siesta! This multi-function, ultra-light compact high chair follows your child from birth to the toddler years. The Siesta can first be used as a comfortable recliner, then as a high chair for eating or playing, and then (with its removable tray) as a seat your child can use right at the table. The Siesta is perfect for parents looking for a high chair that will grow with their child.

Ready to order? Use our Where to Buy tool to find an authorized Peg Perego dealer near you.

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Peg in Pictures: The NEW Siesta!

Our newest high chair, the Siesta, will start arriving in select stores next week (yay!) But we’ve got a sneak peek of some of our favorite features for you today. Check it out!

Awww … We love this little one!

Front (shown in Arancia)


9 different height positions

5-position reclining backrest

150-degree recline

compact fold





 Want to see even more of the all-new Siesta? Check out this video, straight from Italy!!

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2012 Peg Perego Siesta

Welcome baby home with the Peg Perego Siesta!

With the Siesta, part of our recently introduced 2012 collection, baby will have a special seat in the heart of your home from the very beginning. This multi-function, easy-to-store high chair has a 150-degree recline perfect for keeping your new baby close at family dinners, special get-togethers, and more.

And the Siesta follows your child from birth to the toddler years. As your child grows, it can be used as a high chair for eating or playing. (The Siesta Accessory Kit, complete with chair cover and toy bar, is sold separately). And then, with its removable tray, the Siesta can be used as a seat that your child can use right at the table.

The Siesta is also the perfect addition to your home. It has a sleek design and comes in four beautiful saturated colors—Arancia (orange), Noce (beige/tan), Mela (apple green), and Cacao (chocolate brown).

Other features include:

  • Buttery-soft “Prima Classe”-upholstered seat that cleans easily with a damp cloth
  • A height-adjustable seat that moves to nine different heights
  • Adjustable, three-position footrest
  • Five-point safety harness and passive restraint bar
  • A comfortable five-position seat recline
  • Practical rubber storage net on the back of seat
  • Mar-resistant wheels that automatically lock for safety
  • Stop & Go system that makes it easy to move from room to room
  • Extremely compact standalone fold

The Siesta will be available early 2012. Use our Store Locator to find a retailer near you.

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Reporting from the ABC Kids Expo!

It’s an exciting time for all of us at Peg Perego USA. We’re at the big ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, and we’re unveiling our 2012 collection. While there is a lot to tell you about, like new colors (we’re swooning for trendy denim and classic navy this year) and several big product updates (yes, it’s true, our most popular P3 and Switch strollers are being streamlined with a new four-wheel design), we thought we’d start with the really good stuff … the brand new products for 2012!

New for 2012, we’d like to first introduce you to the Siesta! This multi-function, ultra-light compact high chair follows your child from birth to the toddler years. The Siesta can first be used as a comfortable recliner, then as a high chair for eating or playing, and then, with its removable tray, as a seat your child can use right at the table. You’ll love its sophisticated design and four beautiful color options.

Another new product addition we’re thrilled to tell you about is our brand new booster seat, the Viaggio HBB 120. Designed for children 40 to 120 pounds, this seat (the third in our Viaggio series; our Primo Viaggio SIP 5-70 Convertible is due out this fall) offers all the celebrated safety and design of our beloved Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 infant car seat in a booster. The Viaggio HBB 120 provides total Side Impact Protection (SIP). It features wide padded wings at the head and shoulder level and a head panel that adjusts easily in six vertical positions, Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) side foam in the head panel, and a wide padded seat in our breathable Crystal fabric.

We’re working on one more new product for 2012, a new stroller called the Book. It won’t be available until late 2012, but we thought we’d go ahead and give you a sneak peek. The Book will feature a sleek and innovative design and a very special compact book fold. It also will have an easy-to-push single handlebar and wheels with 12 ball bearings and suspension that will allow for 360-degree agility.

In the coming weeks on “Ciao, Mondo!” we’ll be detailing each new product, feature by feature, as well as sharing news on product updates, carryovers, and the highly anticipated 2012 fabric collection. So keep checking back. It’s going to be an amazing year with Peg Perego!

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