Made in Italy. Made by Peg Perego.

For more than 60 years, we have designed and manufactured products for babies and children across the globe. Parents the world over have learned to look to the Peg Perego brand for the very latest in technology and fashion, as well as safety that meets or exceeds international standards. And we feel privileged to have shared in the responsibility of watching over little ones for so many years.

But every once in a while, we like to remind ourselves that it all started with just one dad, Giuseppe Perego, who wanted the very best stroller for his son, Lucio. 

Today Peg Perego is still a family company. Lucio serves as our CEO, and his son, Nick, leads our U.S. operations. And though we have grown a lot since our early days, we are still lucky enough to be led by a well-organized team of young mothers and fathers who study products with their own children’s safety in mind.

Every step in the process, from engineering to production to shipping, is still performed by Peg Perego and no one else. That way, we ensure that our customers always receive the very best we at Peg Perego have to offer.

“Made in Italy. Made by Peg Perego.” It’s not just a catchphrase. It is our heritage. It is our promise to you.

We invite you to explore our complete collection at

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We’re Expecting!


We’re currently hard at work putting the last few finishing touches on our soon-to-be newest arrival: a brand new

While our launch date is still a few weeks away, we’re so excited that we had to give you a sneak peek…

Not only will the new site have a fresh new look, but when it launches, you’ll also have access to even more of the product information you want and need. Our blog, Ciao, Mondo!, will be integrated throughout the new, so videos, reviews and real-mom test drives will be just a click away. And, we’re adding even more ways to connect with us and join in the conversation. Plus, the new site is designed to work great on any device, so you’ll always be able to access the new wherever you are, from your desktop, tablet or phone.

Be sure to follow us here on Ciao, Mondo! and on Facebook so you don’t miss the big reveal.

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Happy Holidays!

We’d like to wish all of you a very happy holiday season. We’ll be taking a little break from Ciao, Mondo!, but we’ll return again January 7 with a new blog post. In the meantime, if you have a question about your Peg Perego product, please contact customer service at 1-800-671-1701 or Here’s to a very happy 2013!

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Where to Buy

The holidays are almost here, and with just a few shopping days left, we thought you might need a little help checking off your “nice” list.

Whether you’re gift giving or preparing for your very own special Christmas delivery, you’ll find the very best personal care and customer service at one of our many authorized Peg Perego retailers. And with retailers across the country, from specialty boutiques to baby superstores, we most likely have a retailer, or retailers, near you.

To find a retailer, use our online Store Locator, which you can find here. Enter either your state or your zip code. Include a search area if you’d like more, or fewer, results. For more precise results, mark whether you’re looking for baby products, toys or a service center.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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Let Us Give Thanks

This time of year, we can’t help getting a little sentimental thinking about all that we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving … our jobs, each other and, of course, our families.

When building products for families across the globe, it is often our own families, and our own children, who inspire us to create them with such love and commitment. So, this Thanksgiving season, we thought we’d share (some very adorable, if we do say so ourselves) pictures of just a few of our own little ones who inspire us each day to build products that meet the needs of families worldwide

After more than 60 years, we are proud of this tradition, and we are privileged to have shared in the responsibility of watching over your little ones for so many years

From the Peg Perego family to yours, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!


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Ask An Engineer

For this week’s post, we’re getting a little help from our friends—our Italian friends at our headquarters in Arcore, Italy. Check out this interview they did with engineer and child restraint systems global manager for Peg Perego, Andrea Agrati.

Quality and safety are the foundation of all Peg Perego products, yet that focus is inevitably heightened when discussing car transportation. We recently sat down with Andrea Agrati, engineer and child restraint systems global manager for Peg Perego, to ask him a few questions about his job. For Agrati, manufacturing car seats means being constantly attentive and ready to implement new regulations or new solutions for our small passengers’ safety.

Q: How do you work in this sense? Are there continuous tests and adjustments?

 A: At Peg Perego, [one of our core values is] to only market products we have designed and studied and manufactured in-house. I’m lucky to work with a small, well-organized team made up of young mothers and fathers who study products with their [own] children’s safety in mind.

What’s more, we’re not only attentive to what our competitors are doing, but to what’s going on in cross sectors, such as the auto, fashion and new technology industries. As for regulations, car products are directly certified for use by the various transportation ministries, and even those who develop innovative solutions must always receive their approval before marketing a car seat. As for continuous testing, monitoring production with scheduled tests is mandatory in our sector. This is not only an excellent guarantee for our young customers, but also for us since we can thus monitor the entire production process, especially critical component purchases.

Q: What factors do you and the team consider when developing new innovative products?

A: The first reference is always to safety regulations. However, this is mandatory for everybody. Other “drivers” must be considered in order to create a winning product. It must be convenient and easy to use by mothers and fathers and grandparents. It must be comfortable for the child. And it must convey the safety of a durable and well-made product to the purchaser. You shouldn’t let yourself be misguided by ultra high-tech products. They are often hard to use and thus unsafe.

Q: Here’s a question we often hear from customers: Why do car seats have an expiration date?

A: Because they are mainly made of plastic, a material that can be altered more than others by wear and sun exposure. Over time, plastic tends to become fragile, or hard with poor resistance to the shocks like those in car accidents. Furthermore, the expiration date encourages the consumer to purchase more recent and safer products. A new car, with perhaps 6-8 standard airbags, is much safer than the same car manufactured 15 years ago. The same applies to car seats.

Q: Parents sometimes feel as if children are not really comfortable with the restriction system. They often ask if they can add a cushion or pillow to let their children sleep better. Is this a good idea?

A: Unfortunately, there are some rules that depend on natural physics. You should always remember that car seats must perform two important functions. The first is to protect the occupant from vehicle parts that could hit him/her in an accident. The second is to protect the child when braking, ensuring that the child’s body is protected against forces that could damage him/her … Of the two, perhaps the second function is more important.

Perhaps less intuitively, but more understandable in this job, [is that] braking has less effects on the child the harder the surface, the smaller the product and the more restricted the child is. Unfortunately, comfort and safety are not [always] on the same page, but we [do] attempt to find the best compromise. Cushions and pillows increase the force on the child during an accident and prevent the safety belt from being correctly fastened. If pillows and boosters are used, they must be those supplied with the product or directly designed by the manufacturer who certifies them with suitable dynamic tests.

Q: Is there data, wording or an example that you use to convince friends never to put kids in the car without adequate restrictions?

A: I believe that we are all conscious of this fact; there are countless examples and articles in the news. Our job is to manufacture safe car seats, but we cannot make anyone buy them and use them unless out of respect for their children and for the law. Our job is to relentlessly improve products. Correct car transportation depends on two factors—a car seat suited to the child’s age and correct installation.

Q: Out of curiosity, how many car seats have you installed for relatives and friends?

A: Truthfully, I try not to, to see whether our products are easy or hard to install [by typical customers]. Sometimes I have fun playing teacher…[especially] if the result is ensuring our little angels are always protected.

Do you have a question for our engineers? Please ask it by commenting below. We’ll do our very best to get you the answers you need.


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Bright Lights, Big City!

Last week we were off to New York for a baby shower. More specifically, the Biggest Baby Shower Ever. Our always-chic host, Big City Moms, did a fabulous job pulling together one of the swankiest soirees to celebrate mommies-to-be we’ve ever seen. We caught glimpses of several celebs—Jessica Alba, Tia Mowry and Melissa Joan Hart—but the real stars were the more than 1,000 soon-to-be and new mommies. We loved meeting so many of you, hearing your feedback and sharing in your excitement. Congrats to all!

Our next stop? Chicago for the Bump Club Chicago‘s Best of Bump Club event.

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Come See Us!

We love a good baby shower. And next week, we’re heading to New York City for the Biggest Baby Shower Ever!

Hosted by one of our favorite organizations for new moms and moms-to-be, Big City Moms, this event is nothing short of amazing.

With more than 100 of the best companies in the baby industry (including yours truly), it’s the best place to come to test out, touch, feel and get educated on everything you need for baby.

Enjoy sips and sweets while mingling with other expectant and new parents; hear from celeb moms like Jessica Alba and experts like Dr. Alan Greene and Dr. Sears; and be pampered by style experts who can help you get that “pregnancy glow.” Plus, enter for a chance to win some amazing prizes (everyone takes homes a fabulous gift bag!).

The Biggest Baby Shower Ever – NYC will take place from 6 to 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 9, at The Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. You can register here.

We hope to see you there!

Not in New York? Big City Moms hosts events all over the country. Check out upcoming events here. And, be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest news from Peg Perego USA.

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A Big, Worldwide Family

Olá! Hallo! Hola! Bonjour! Hello! Ciao!

Today, we’re giving a “shout out” to our littlest fans from all across the world!!

With headquarters in Italy and branches in Fort Wayne (USA), Toronto (Canada) and Limeira (Brazil), Peg Perego truly is a global company, and we have the big, worldwide “family album” to prove it.

From the Netherlands to Germany, India to Israel, Malaysia to Singapore, and back again to the U.S., check out a few of our international fans. We think cute babies translate in every language!

We’d love to add your baby to our Peg Perego “family album.” Please share your photos on our Peg Perego USA Facebook Wall, or send them to us at


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Holiday Wishes to You & Yours

From the Peg Perego family to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a great New Year!

We’ll be taking a little break from “Ciao, Mondo!” (from December 24, 2011 – January 2, 2012) to enjoy the holiday time with friends and family.

If you have a question about your Peg Perego product, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-671-1701 or

We’ll see you in 2012!

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