Traveling with Peg Perego

Are your holiday travel plans taking you a bit farther than “over the river and through the woods” this year? We’ve got many great stroller options sure to make the busiest travel weekend of the year easier on you, and your lil’ pilgrim!

Our first pick for holiday travel via air is the lightweight, easy-folding Si. With a compact design (perfect for tight spaces), it’s easy to take the Si with you from check-in through security and on to the gate. And at just 13 pounds, would you believe it’s car seat-compatible?

If you like to travel light, and in style, consider our Pliko Mini. At only 13 pounds, the fashionable Pliko Mini—a new addition to the Peg Perego lineup for 2011—makes travel a breeze! It has an easy, compact fold and a reclining seat (ideal for sleepy toddlers).

Traveling by twos? Try the Pliko P3 Compact. The P3’s built-in rear footboard provides a safe ride for a second child. Not only is this feature great for jet-lagged older siblings, but it can be a real life-saver if you find yourself running to your gate through a busy terminal. Plus, the Pliko P3 Compact has all the best features of a full-sized stroller (mufti-position recline, travel system compatibility, snack tray), but with the one-hand, compact you’ll need for quick maneuvering at the airport.

Checking your stroller? Consider our Travel Bag! This sturdy carrying sack, designed to hold our Si, Pliko Mini, and P3, is the perfect way to protect your stroller until it reaches your final destination.

Have questions? Please ask! We’d love to help your family find the perfect stroller, wherever you’re heading! And for the very best in-person customer care and service, shop a Peg Perego authorized retailer. Use our Where to Buy tool to find one near you.

Viaggio sicuro! (Safe travels!)


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Test Drive: Pliko Mini

How many strollers do you have? Working for a baby gear company, that’s a question I get a lot. I once read that the average American family goes through about six. That seems hard to believe, but I have to admit my own family was well on its way to that before we got our first Peg Perego stroller, a  Pliko P3, earlier this year. When we got it, I confidently declared that it would be the last stroller we’d ever need.

That’s the great thing about Peg Perego. The quality is so amazing that their strollers last for years. We’ve gotten notes from customers who are still using their strollers after years and years, and sometimes, even decades.

But now I do want another stroller, the Pliko Mini, and here’s why…

New for 2011, the Mini is a streamlined version of its older brother, the beloved, classic Pliko P3. It’s a traditional umbrella stroller, but there’s nothing traditional about it.

I love that Peg Perego was able to get so many features—like a reclining backrest with three different positions, an adjustable leg rest, and a full hood with peek-a-boo window—into a small umbrella stroller. I tested it out (for “Ciao, Mondo!”) with both of my children—Maddie, who is nearly 5 (the Pliko Mini can be used for children all the way up to 45 pounds), and Jack, who is just 16 months—and thanks to all the adjustable features, it fit both of them perfectly.

I also really loved how easy it was to push, thanks to its suspension wheels and telescoping handles. Plus, at just 19 1/4″ wide, 40 1/6″ high, and 33 1/3″ deep, the Mini easily fits through even the tightest of spaces—through crowds, between parked cars, and even in small elevators.

But what really sold me was its compact fold. When folded, the Pliko Mini is just 37 1/2″ in height by 13 1/2″ in width, so it doesn’t take up my entire front hall closet, or my trunk, which is where I intend to keep mine.

Want to get your own Mini? Use our Store Locator to find an authorized retailer near you.

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Seeing is Believing: Answering Your FAQs with Videos

Since launching our Peg Perego USA Channel on YouTube in April, we’ve had more than 92,700 upload views. That surprised even us, but we’re so glad that you’re finding and using the channel.

We’ve found it pretty useful too. In fact, we can now answer a lot of the questions we get from all of you with videos. Sometimes a picture, or in this case a video, really is worth a thousand words. So what videos are we sharing the most? Check out some of the FAQs we think can best be answered with a video.

1. I’m considering the Pliko Switch Compact … What is this “baby safety enclosure” system I keep reading about?

2. I love that the Tatamia highchair doubles as a baby swing. How does that work?

3. How hard is it to attach the Jumper Seat to the Skate?

4. I’m looking at the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant car seat. I see that it has the LATCH system … How does it work?

5. A lot of your strollers say they have “an easy one-hand” fold … How easy is it?

We invite you to explore the Peg Perego USA Channel on YouTube for yourself. There you’ll find full-length videos on some of our most popular products and feature-specific clips. And as always, if you have a question, please ask! Leave us a comment or email us at

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Best Strollers for Fireworks, Parades, and Festivals

Summer is here, and the Fourth of July is just days away, which means we are officially entering the season of fireworks, parades, and festivals. Are you ready? Is your stroller?

Any experienced parent will tell you that having the right stroller can make all the difference when attending special events. Here are our top Peg Perego picks for all of those great summertime festivities.

For older babies and toddlers, we love the Pliko Mini. Being just 19 1/4″ wide, it’s a breeze to maneuver through crowds. And, thanks to amazing design, it has all the comfort features your child will need for a long day out—a deep recline, an adjustable leg rest, and a full hood. Plus, at just 13 pounds and with its convenient carrying handle, the Mini is easy to still take along even when your little one is in more of a walking mood (which is bound to change at some point in the day, right?)

If you’ve got more than one small child, we recommend the Aria Twin 60/40 for special events. Super lightweight and compact, the Aria Twin 60/40 side-by-side double stroller allows both passengers to get a good (forward-facing) view. Likewise, with large independent hoods and individual snack trays with cup holders, it’s easy to keep both of your little passengers happy. Furthermore, since it was designed to fit through standard doorways, the Aria Twin 60/40 maneuvers surprisingly well through crowds.

Now, for a newborn, or a very young baby, we recommend the Pliko Switch Compact, which gives you freedom to position baby to face you, or the world ahead. Additionally, with just a few easy moves, the stroller seat converts to a carriage, which is perfect for sleepy babies, or diaper changes on the fly. We also love the Pliko Switch Compact for its large zippered hood that can be used as a sun canopy.

In a hurry to get one of these strollers before the holiday weekend? Use our Store Locator to find an authorized retailer near you. Happy Fourth of July!

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Pliko Mini FAQs

At only 13 pounds, the Pliko Mini is a streamlined version of our beloved classic Pliko. Wondering if the Mini is right for you? Check out some of our FAQs.

1. Would you recommend the Mini for travel?

Absolutely! Being just 19 1/4″ wide, 40 1/6″ high, and 33 1/3″ deep, there’s not a single train platform, bus terminal, or jetway where the Pliko Mini will fail to move with agility. Plus, with the available Travel Bag (sold separately), it’s easy to take the Mini along on every adventure.

2. Will the Pliko Mini work as an everyday stroller too?

Yes, the Mini is a great everyday stroller. It’s perfect for running errands or taking quick trips around the neighborhood. And, with its astonishingly compact dimensions when folded (just 37 1/2″ in height by 13 1/2″ in width by 13″ in depth), it will easily fit into even the most crowded of trunks.

3. What is the recommended use for the Mini?

The Mini is ideal for older babies and toddlers (up to 45 pounds). Very young infants will probably find traditional strollers like the Mini more comfortable once they have developed better head and neck control (which usually happens between 3 to 5 months). The Mini does not accept a car seat.

4. What accessories are available for the Mini?

With the Mini, there’s an accessory for nearly every season. There’s an available Travel Bag, Rain Cover, Mosquito Netting, and Leg Cover (all sold separately).

5. If the Mini is so “mini,” what features are you sacrificing?

Thanks to good design, not many. We used our 60-plus years of experience designing the very best, most innovative strollers to ensure that the Pliko Mini is the perfect union of comfort and practicality. The Mini offers everything that parents (and children) want:

Want to see the Pliko Mini in action? Check out our product video.

Still have questions? Leave us a comment, or send an email to

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Enjoy the Magic (with the right stroller!)

How do you make the happiest place on earth even happier? With a happy baby of course!

If you’re planning a trip to Disney this summer (or Six Flags, or Universal Studios, or wherever), a little thought into which stroller to bring along can make all the difference.

So what would our top picks be?

You really can’t go wrong with the Pliko P3 Compact. It has all of the best features of a full-sized stroller (multi-position recline, travel system compatibility, large canopy, snack tray), but it also has a one–hand compact “umbrella fold” that allows for quick closing and carrying. Plus, you’ll love its adjustable handles, large storage basket and adult cup holder when you’re walking around the park. And, if an older sibling gets tired (which almost always happens during long days at the park, right?), they can hop on the Pliko P3 Compact’s rear footboard.

If you like to travel light—and you really need just a toddler stroller—consider the Pliko Mini. At only 13 pounds, the Pliko Mini has an easy fold, a deep recline (which is great for sleepy toddlers) and adjustable handles for mom and dad. Plus, this stroller comes in some great vibrant colors (making your stroller much easier to find in the sea of carriage, strollers, and wagons you’ll no doubt encounter at the park).

Got two little ones? Consider the Aria Twin 60/40. It’s super lightweight, and you’ll love how this compact side-by-side maneuvers through crowds, and even fits through doorways! Plus, keeping two children happy is easy with the individual adjustable hoods, individual reclining backrests and individual child snack trays.

Did you have a different model in mind? Ask us about it! We love helping families find the perfect strollers, wherever they go!

And for the very best in-person customer care and service, shop a Peg Perego authorized retailer. Use our Where to Buy tool to find one near you.

Viaggio sicuro! (Safe travels!)

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Meet Our Newest Additions: Peg Perego Product Videos!

You’ve been asking, and we’ve been listening!

Our highly anticipated product videos—featuring products from our 2011 USA Collection—are here! Our hope is that these videos, which can be found on our brand new Peg Perego USA YouTube Channel, will help you find the perfect product for your family.

This week, we wanted to feature two videos that spotlight two of our great lightweight stroller options, the Vela Easy Drive and the Pliko Mini.

If you’re looking for a convenient and lightweight stroller with all of the features, we think you’ll love the Vela Easy Drive. With the Vela’s larger wheels, steering and maneuverability are effortless! When you’re watching the Vela Easy Drive Video, be sure to notice:

  • The convenient standalone feature.
  • How with the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30, the Vela Easy Drive becomes a travel system.
  • The easy, one-hand fold.

Want something that makes travel a breeze? Check out the Pliko Mini! At only 13 pounds, the Pliko Mini—a new addition to the Peg Perego lineup for 2011—is perfect for travel or as an everyday stroller. The Pliko Mini is practical, yet still so very stylish! When you’re watching the Pliko Mini Video, be sure to notice:

  • The adjustable backrest, which provides a deep recline.
  • The easy and compact, collapsible fold.
  • The vibrant color selections.

We’ll continue to feature more videos in the coming weeks.

Can’t wait that long? You can see all of our product videos right now on our Peg Perego USA YouTube Channel. Let us know what you think!

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What To Buy: Pliko Mini vs. Vela Easy Drive vs. Si

(Products in photo are not scaled to size. Check product dimensions below for information on size comparison)

From the trunk to the mall to the post office, quick trip strollers can make all the difference. But how do you know which one is right for your family?

Peg Perego offers three different lightweight, quick trip strollers: The Pliko Mini, the Vela Easy Drive and the Si. While they may seem similar in many ways, there are actually features and specs that product a different user experience. So, to help you find the perfect one for your needs, we’ve put together this handy reference chart:

Pliko Mini Vela Easy Drive Si
Tagline Super Light Super Compact and Full-Featured Super Maneuverable
Weight 13 lbs. 15.8 lbs. 15.8 lbs.
Dimensions Open: 33 1/3” x 19 1/4” x 40 1/6”

Folded: 13” x 37 1/2”

Open: 23 1/3” x 35” x 39 1/2”

Folded: 15 1/2” x 35”

Open: 34 1/6” x 20 1/3” x 40 1/6”

Folded: 14 1/6” x 41 1/4”

Travel System Compatible No Yes Yes (with included adapter straps)
Harness Traditional 5-point safety harness Freedom of Movement harness Traditional 5-point safety harness
Fold Compact collapsible fold One-hand book fold Compact collapsible fold
Wheels Eight, 5.75” suspension wheels Two, 6.5” front ball bearing wheels. Two, 7.5” rear wheels. Four, 6.5” suspension wheels (with ball bearings for smooth, responsive handling indoors)
Snack Tray option No Yes No, but comes with bumper bar.
Handles Two adjustable handles Single handlebar Two adjustable handles
Accessories Included: Adult Cup Holder

Sold Separately: Rain Shield, Travel Bag, Mosquito Netting, Boot

Included: Adult Cup Holder, Snack Tray

Sold Separately: Rain Shield, Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant seat

Included: Adult Cup Holder, Bumper Bar, Car Seat Adapter Straps

Sold Separately: Rain Shield, Travel Bag, Mosquito Netting, Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant seat

Best Use Public transportation; quick trips with the toddler. Errand-running, such as libraries and grocery stores. Urban outdoor settings, such as outdoor malls, zoos, etc. Great when kept in the trunk for errands and quick trips. Perfect for theme parks, such as Disney.

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Peg Perego Pliko Mini Giveaway!

Molly at A Few of My Favorite Things is giving away a Pliko Mini on Friday, February 4, 2011! (That’s right, the giveaway is tomorrow!)

For a chance to win, visit her website, take a look around and post a comment within her Pliko Mini giveaway blog post. (Be sure to check the giveaway rules and regulations to ensure you qualify).

Good luck … or, as we say in Italy, In bocca al lupo!

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Big City Strollers!

Navigating San Francisco, Chicago, New York or any big city can be difficult when you have to do it with a stroller. So here are our picks for the best Peg Perego strollers for big city life!

1.      Pliko Switch Modular System – With a separate, nursery-ready bassinet component, this compact-folding stroller is number one when it comes to being city-savvy.

Use it as a carriage to walk the city streets when baby is a newborn. The included Bassinet Stand saves space in the nursery and the convenient cover sees to it that baby stays warm.

If you need to catch a cab with your newborn, it’s not a problem! Attach the included Primo Viaggio SIP infant seat to the chassis and you have a great travel system. Once you hail a cab, the infant seat can be secured in the backseat by using a seat belt, while the Switch’s chassis easily folds and stores in the trunk.

Once baby’s a bit older, you’ll want to transition to the traditional stroller seat. Luxurious fabric and multiple recline and footrest options ensure baby stays comfortable when you’re on lengthy outings. Plus, the stroller is lightweight and compact enough to make bus or subway travel do-able!

2.      Pliko Mini – So light and easy to fold, the Mini is perfect for public transportation! It’s easy to get on and off buses and trains, plus it folds so compactly, making it more than taxi-ready.

If you’re a city parent who’s looking for the best lightweight stroller that will follow you from the apartment to the cab to the store, look no further than the Pliko Mini!

Those are our big city picks! What do you use when navigating an urban metropolis?

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