Strollers for Multiples FAQs

Looking for a stroller that does double, or maybe even triple, duty? Check out some of the FAQs we get about our many options for multiples.

1. We’re expecting twins (or triplets)…What stroller would you recommend?
Our Duette SW and Triplette SW are ideal for families with multiples. The tandem-style strollers have individual seats that can face forward, backward, or in the case of the Duette SW, each other. Both accept multiple Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seats (the Duette takes two; the Triplette takes three).

2. We love our Peg Perego stroller, but we just found out we’re expecting again…What stroller can you recommend?
Super lightweight and compact, the Aria Twin 60/40 side-by-side double stroller is perfect for siblings. The slightly larger “60” seat can accommodate one Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat, and as your children grow, the larger seat is a perfect fit for your older child. The unique 60/40 design allows you to maneuver effortlessly, even through standard doorways.

3. We’re planning on having more than one child, but we’re not ready for a traditional double stroller just yet. What should we do?
You may want to consider our Skate System. With its Jumper Seat accessory (sold separately), you can turn our stylish three-piece stroller system into a head-turning double. If your children will be further apart in age, consider our Pliko Switch Compact and our Pliko P3 Compact. Both come with our rear footboard, which provides a safe ride for an older child.

4. What’s the weight capacity of your double and triple strollers?
All of our stroller seats are designed to accommodate up to 45 pounds. So the Duette SW and Aria Twin 60/40 can each accommodate up to 90 pounds total, while the Triplette SW can accommodate up to 135 pounds.

5. The double and triple strollers seem so big…How hard are yours to maneuver?
Not hard at all, thanks to innovative engineering. Both our Duette SW and Triplette SW feature a height- and angle-adjustable steering wheel that effortlessly steers the front wheels. And with its unique 60/40 side-by-side design and one-hand push handlebar, the compact and lightweight Aria Twin 60/40 is also surprisingly easy to maneuver as well. It even fits through standard doorways.

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