Get a Read on Our Newest Stroller, the Book!


Once upon a time, there was a new stroller from Peg Perego, and it was called the Book.

The Book was compact, approved for children from birth and allowed parents to explore the world in total freedom. Parents were intrigued and asked, “Why call it the Book?” The answer was simple: This innovative stroller came equipped with a user-friendly fold that allowed it to close “like a book.”

A simple pull on the handle above the basket quickly closed the Book, making it easy to fold and take anywhere. Once folded, it could stand on its own, and not only did the Book possess an innovative fold, but it closed inward, always keeping the upholstery clean and protected.

The single handlebar used for folding also allowed the stroller to be pulled like a trolley (perfect for parents on the go). And a large, easy-loading basket added to the practicality of the Book.


This newest addition to the Peg Perego family of strollers was a perfect choice for the stylish parents who were looking for many excellent features. The Book delivered. In addition to the innovative fold system, it had one-handed steering, was easy to drive, had an eight-position recline system and offered fashion-forward fabric.

The Book was like a fairy-tale-come-true in that the features didn’t stop there. It also had retractable anchors located on the seat. These created a travel system that let the Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 car seat easily attach to the stroller. Large wheels with 12 ball bearings and a single handlebar allowed for 360-degree agility and minimal effort in pushing and maneuvering. The Book also was equipped with a UV protected transparent window, which allowed parents to see their little ones, while keeping them safe from ultraviolet rays.


All of these features were nice, but what would really set them off were the striking colors the Book came in. Parents were delighted with the distinct Mentha, Flamenco and Stone.

All in all, it was a wonderful stroller. The Book combined the safety, comfort and style that the Peg Perego family was known for. And they all lived happily ever after.


The best thing about this story? The Book will be available this October! And a similar new design, the Book Plus, which features a reversible seat, will be available in December. Use our Store Locator to find a Peg Perego retailer near you.

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Ask An Engineer

For this week’s post, we’re getting a little help from our friends—our Italian friends at our headquarters in Arcore, Italy. Check out this interview they did with engineer and child restraint systems global manager for Peg Perego, Andrea Agrati.

Quality and safety are the foundation of all Peg Perego products, yet that focus is inevitably heightened when discussing car transportation. We recently sat down with Andrea Agrati, engineer and child restraint systems global manager for Peg Perego, to ask him a few questions about his job. For Agrati, manufacturing car seats means being constantly attentive and ready to implement new regulations or new solutions for our small passengers’ safety.

Q: How do you work in this sense? Are there continuous tests and adjustments?

 A: At Peg Perego, [one of our core values is] to only market products we have designed and studied and manufactured in-house. I’m lucky to work with a small, well-organized team made up of young mothers and fathers who study products with their [own] children’s safety in mind.

What’s more, we’re not only attentive to what our competitors are doing, but to what’s going on in cross sectors, such as the auto, fashion and new technology industries. As for regulations, car products are directly certified for use by the various transportation ministries, and even those who develop innovative solutions must always receive their approval before marketing a car seat. As for continuous testing, monitoring production with scheduled tests is mandatory in our sector. This is not only an excellent guarantee for our young customers, but also for us since we can thus monitor the entire production process, especially critical component purchases.

Q: What factors do you and the team consider when developing new innovative products?

A: The first reference is always to safety regulations. However, this is mandatory for everybody. Other “drivers” must be considered in order to create a winning product. It must be convenient and easy to use by mothers and fathers and grandparents. It must be comfortable for the child. And it must convey the safety of a durable and well-made product to the purchaser. You shouldn’t let yourself be misguided by ultra high-tech products. They are often hard to use and thus unsafe.

Q: Here’s a question we often hear from customers: Why do car seats have an expiration date?

A: Because they are mainly made of plastic, a material that can be altered more than others by wear and sun exposure. Over time, plastic tends to become fragile, or hard with poor resistance to the shocks like those in car accidents. Furthermore, the expiration date encourages the consumer to purchase more recent and safer products. A new car, with perhaps 6-8 standard airbags, is much safer than the same car manufactured 15 years ago. The same applies to car seats.

Q: Parents sometimes feel as if children are not really comfortable with the restriction system. They often ask if they can add a cushion or pillow to let their children sleep better. Is this a good idea?

A: Unfortunately, there are some rules that depend on natural physics. You should always remember that car seats must perform two important functions. The first is to protect the occupant from vehicle parts that could hit him/her in an accident. The second is to protect the child when braking, ensuring that the child’s body is protected against forces that could damage him/her … Of the two, perhaps the second function is more important.

Perhaps less intuitively, but more understandable in this job, [is that] braking has less effects on the child the harder the surface, the smaller the product and the more restricted the child is. Unfortunately, comfort and safety are not [always] on the same page, but we [do] attempt to find the best compromise. Cushions and pillows increase the force on the child during an accident and prevent the safety belt from being correctly fastened. If pillows and boosters are used, they must be those supplied with the product or directly designed by the manufacturer who certifies them with suitable dynamic tests.

Q: Is there data, wording or an example that you use to convince friends never to put kids in the car without adequate restrictions?

A: I believe that we are all conscious of this fact; there are countless examples and articles in the news. Our job is to manufacture safe car seats, but we cannot make anyone buy them and use them unless out of respect for their children and for the law. Our job is to relentlessly improve products. Correct car transportation depends on two factors—a car seat suited to the child’s age and correct installation.

Q: Out of curiosity, how many car seats have you installed for relatives and friends?

A: Truthfully, I try not to, to see whether our products are easy or hard to install [by typical customers]. Sometimes I have fun playing teacher…[especially] if the result is ensuring our little angels are always protected.

Do you have a question for our engineers? Please ask it by commenting below. We’ll do our very best to get you the answers you need.


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Spot On

 We have long loved the polka dot. And as we head into fall, we’re seeing spots … the return of this irresistible classic is everywhere, from the fall runway presentations to the amazing collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama, to our local J.Crew store.

“Polka dots are fabulous,” Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama said in a recent interview with the Associated Press.

It is Kusama’s signature splash of dots — now on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City and part of the special collection, Dots Infinity, for Louis Vuitton — that have most recently put spots in the spotlight.

Our very own takes on this perennial favorite are, well, spot-on.

As part of our 2012 Fabric Collection, we offer two variations on the classic polka dot—Pois Grey and Pois Black.

Available on the Switch Four Modular System, Skate System, Switch Four, Pliko Four and Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30, Pois Grey features charcoal dots on a smoky grey background.

A more subtle variation of similar design is Pois Black. Available on the Skate System, Switch Four and Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30, this colorway features a black-on-black design that is the ultimate in playful sophistication.

Ready to be spotted? Use our Store Locator to find a Peg Perego retailer near you.


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Test Drive: Viaggio HBB 120

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, the very first thing I went out shopping for was a car seat. It seemed like the most important thing to have checked off my long to-do list well before she arrived. She was so tiny, and the world was so big, I had to protect her.

I became a mommy-to-be on a mission. I scoured the Internet for safety ratings. I read real-life mommy reviews and pored over manufacturer specifications. I visited my local baby store half-a-dozen times. Once the decision was made, the seat was bought and promptly installed in the car, months before baby was to arrive.

When she did arrive, those first few days were a blur. But there is one memory I still hang on to, even today. We were about to be discharged from the hospital, and my husband had gone down to get the car. I found myself alone for the very first time with my sweet baby girl. It was a flood of emotions as I soon realized this tiny pink bundle was my responsibility. I instinctively began getting her ready for the outside world, changing her diaper one last time, dressing her in the puffy pink bunting (specially designed for the car seat with holes for a five-point safety harness) that we had gotten to protect her from the cold New York winter, and placing her in her car seat. I clicked the buckle, smoothed the harness over her shoulders and gave her a kiss.

Click. Check. Kiss. She was ready to go, and so was I.

My sweet baby girl is nearly 6. She starts kindergarten next week, and she has long outgrown her puffy pink bunting and infant car seat. In fact, she’s on car seat number three now. And even though she’s bigger, I can tell you, I still feel the very same way about finding a car seat.

That’s why as a mom I was so happy when Peg Perego announced they would be coming out with a new booster seat this year. I was even happier when they agreed to give me the Viaggio HBB 120 a few months ago to use and test with my daughter. (The HBB doesn’t arrive in stores until later this month.)

Going from a convertible car seat to a booster is a big step. And as a mom, it’s a little hard saying goodbye to that big, bulky seat with its built-in harness and “tank-like” structure. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Viaggio HBB 120, designed for children 40 to 120 pounds, had so many of the same features as my Primo Viaggio SIP 5-70 Convertible.

Used along with the vehicle’s lap/shoulder belt, the Viaggio HBB 120 provides total Side Impact Protection (SIP) with wide, padded wings at the head and shoulder level and Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) in the head panel and seat cushion. LATCH connectors add extra stability and keep the booster seat in place when not in use. The head panel (which goes to six different positions) and the easy-access recline handle are easy to adjust for perfect positioning.

I loved the fabric (mine came in breathable Crystal Black, but the Viaggio HBB 120 is also available in Crystal Beige, Crystal Red and “Prima Classe” Cacao and Licorice). And my daughter loved the fact that it had two cup holders. This, of course, was her favorite part as she climbed up in it for the first time.

Once again she seemed so small, and the world seemed so big.

“Mom, mom! Let’s go!” her little voice interrupted my reminiscing. I took a deep breath and marveled, just where had my baby gone? Then, instinctively, I started to buckle her up in the last car seat she’ll ever have. But she stopped me. “I can do it!” she exclaimed. She clicked the buckle, smoothed the seat belt over her chest, and this time, she kissed me

Click. Check. Kiss. She was ready to go, and so was I.

The Viaggio HBB 120 arrives in stores later this month. Use our Store Locator to find a retailer near you.


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