Here’s Looking at You

Considering one of our reversible strollers, like our Pliko Switch Compact, Uno, or Skate System? Here’s one more reason to. Research shows that these types of strollers, which allow you to position baby to face you, might actually be better for baby.

Researchers at the University of Dundee in Scotland studied the way that 2,700 families interact with their infants and toddlers when in strollers. They found that caregivers were more likely to speak to the child when he or she was riding in a rear-facing stroller, compared to a forward-facing stroller.

In a smaller controlled experiment, the researchers gave 20 mothers and infants ages 9 to 24 months a chance to use both types of strollers and recorded their conversations.

“Mothers talked to their children twice as much during the 15-minute [rear-facing] journey, and they also laughed more,” noted M. Suzanne Zeedyk, senior lecturer in developmental psychology. “The babies laughed more too.

“Of course, infants do not spend all their time in strollers. But anecdotal evidence suggests that babies can easily spend a couple of hours a day in them. And research tells us that children’s vocabulary development is governed almost entirely by the daily conversations parents have with them. When a stroller pusher can’t easily see the things that attract a baby’s attention, valuable opportunities for interaction can be missed.”

So what’s the takeaway? According to Zeedyk, parents needn’t feel worried, but instead curious.

“The core message of our findings is simple: Talk to your baby whenever you get the chance—and whichever direction your stroller faces.”

Peg Perego offers three reversible stroller options. Our Pliko Switch Compact has a reversible seat, our Uno has a reversible handlebar, and our Skate System has a modular seat that can be positioned forward- or rear-facing. Have questions? Let us know! Leave us a comment or send an email to

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Test Drive: Pliko Switch Compact

For the next review in our “Test Drive” series, I thought I would switch things up and try out the Peg Perego Pliko Switch Compact. With its reversible seat, I’ve recommended this infant-to-toddler stroller dozens and dozens of times to other families, so I was looking forward to trying it out with my own.

What sets the Pliko Switch Compact apart from other strollers is its reversible seat. The Switch seat easily removes from the stroller’s chassis and can be positioned to face forward or backward.

I wasn’t sure how my son, Jack, who’s already 15 months, would do making such a “switch.” He’s older now and seems to enjoy looking out at the world. But I have to say, we had the very best morning walking around our local outdoor mall facing one another. I found that I talked to him a lot more, and in return, got a lot more smiles, and even a few attempts at some new words. It was so nice to be out and about with him but feel like it was just he and I, exploring the world together.

Our day was made even better by the thoughtful features that come standard on the Switch, like the adult cup holder, telescoping handles, all-wheels suspension, and a large, practical storage basket. The zippered hood made the perfect sun canopy as the day got hotter. And when it was time to go home, I was impressed with the Switch’s one-hand umbrella fold, which can be done with the seat facing either direction.

So will I keep recommending the Switch? Absolutely! Especially to new and expectant parents, for all the features I mentioned above and the fact that the Switch’s seat can easily be transformed into a carriage, which I think is ideal for younger babies. (Plus, it’s travel system compatible.) It really is the perfect infant-to-toddler stroller!

Have a question about the Pliko Switch Compact? Please ask! Leave a comment or send me an email to

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Seeing is Believing: Answering Your FAQs with Videos

Since launching our Peg Perego USA Channel on YouTube in April, we’ve had more than 92,700 upload views. That surprised even us, but we’re so glad that you’re finding and using the channel.

We’ve found it pretty useful too. In fact, we can now answer a lot of the questions we get from all of you with videos. Sometimes a picture, or in this case a video, really is worth a thousand words. So what videos are we sharing the most? Check out some of the FAQs we think can best be answered with a video.

1. I’m considering the Pliko Switch Compact … What is this “baby safety enclosure” system I keep reading about?

2. I love that the Tatamia highchair doubles as a baby swing. How does that work?

3. How hard is it to attach the Jumper Seat to the Skate?

4. I’m looking at the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant car seat. I see that it has the LATCH system … How does it work?

5. A lot of your strollers say they have “an easy one-hand” fold … How easy is it?

We invite you to explore the Peg Perego USA Channel on YouTube for yourself. There you’ll find full-length videos on some of our most popular products and feature-specific clips. And as always, if you have a question, please ask! Leave us a comment or email us at

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Test Drive: 3 Things to Love about the Pliko P3

Finding the right stroller can be a daunting task. We understand. After all, we’re parents too.

We do our best with “Ciao, Mondo!” to tell you about all of our strollers and share with you how they might fit into your lifestyle. But don’t you sometimes just wish you could test them all out for yourself?

That gave us an idea … What if we tested them for you? Enter our new series, “Test Drive,” in which we’ll share our own experiences, as parents, with a variety of Peg Perego products. I wanted to start the series by sharing my experience with the stroller I use every day, the Pliko P3 Compact.

The Pliko P3 Compact is the first Peg Perego stroller I ever owned. And yes, it changed my life. Here’s why:

1. At first, it was the little things. In our official product description of the Pliko P3, we say that “it’s easy to fall in love with our compact, full-featured, easy-to-use stroller,” and I couldn’t agree more. With its handy, hinged child snack tray with cup holder, full hood with peek-a-boo window, and telescoping handles, for me, it was love at first sight. And, I fall in love a little bit deeper every time I go to close it. The one–hand compact umbrella fold is so quick, and so easy!

2. Then it was the rear footboard. When I had my second child, my oldest was three-and-a-half and she wasn’t too keen on giving up riding in the stroller. But when I showed her the rear footboard on the Pliko P3, she was thrilled to have her own “big-kid” spot to ride on. It’s especially great when she’s tired, or we’re in a crowded place and I want to keep her close.

3. And then the compliments started to flow. The Pliko P3 really does have it all, including style. I absolutely love its sleek design and color selections. I get compliments on it every time I take it out, and I’m always happy to tell people it’s a Peg Perego.

Have a question about our Pliko P3 Compact? Please ask! Leave us a comment or send an email to

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Bag Check: A Look Inside Our Borsa Mamma Diaper Bag

Any experienced mom (or dad) will tell you that a diaper bag is for so much more than diapers. For the first few years of your child’s life, your diaper bag is likely to go everywhere you and baby go. Therefore, it’s best to get one that you really, really love.

We are in love with our very own Borsa Mamma diaper bag. The original Peg Perego accessory, our Borsa Mamma marries the innovative design and sleek style that has become synonymous with the Peg Perego name. The Borsa Mamma comes in our luxurious “Prima Classe” fabrics, which look and feel like real leather. It’s offered in three colors—a go-with-everything Paloma (cream), an on-trend Cacao (brown), and a classic Black. It features:

  • A spacious main compartment with extra interior pockets
  • A zippered outside pocket
  • External side pockets and bottle compartment
  • Hook attachments to hang from any Peg Perego stroller
  • A coordinating changing pad

And of course, the Borsa Mamma will carry much more than diapers! To prove our point, here’s a look inside my very own Borsa Mamma.

(1) Changing Pad by Peg Perego (included); (2) Photo Book by Vera Bradley; (3) SuperBib by Bumkins; (4) “Baby Love” By Sandra Magsamen; (5) Elmo’s World Talking Cell Phone by Fisher Price; (6) Sophie The Giraffe by Vulli; (7) Teething Keys by Playskool and Tonka Chuck & Friends Construction Fleet by Hasbro; (8) Mommy’s iPhone and Keys; (9) Sippy Cup and Snack Disk by OXO; (10) Pure & Free Baby Sunblock Stick SPF 60+ by Neutruogena; (11) Wipe Case by Babies R Us and Baby Dry Diapers by Pampers.

I personally love the roomy external pocket for my keys and cell phone. It allows for easy access while keeping those items separate from baby’s. I also love the included hook attachments that allow you to attach it to any Peg Perego stroller.

No diaper bag is easier to bring along than the Borsa Mamma!

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