Strollers for Multiples FAQs

Looking for a stroller that does double, or maybe even triple, duty? Check out some of the FAQs we get about our many options for multiples.

1. We’re expecting twins (or triplets)…What stroller would you recommend?
Our Duette SW and Triplette SW are ideal for families with multiples. The tandem-style strollers have individual seats that can face forward, backward, or in the case of the Duette SW, each other. Both accept multiple Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seats (the Duette takes two; the Triplette takes three).

2. We love our Peg Perego stroller, but we just found out we’re expecting again…What stroller can you recommend?
Super lightweight and compact, the Aria Twin 60/40 side-by-side double stroller is perfect for siblings. The slightly larger “60” seat can accommodate one Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat, and as your children grow, the larger seat is a perfect fit for your older child. The unique 60/40 design allows you to maneuver effortlessly, even through standard doorways.

3. We’re planning on having more than one child, but we’re not ready for a traditional double stroller just yet. What should we do?
You may want to consider our Skate System. With its Jumper Seat accessory (sold separately), you can turn our stylish three-piece stroller system into a head-turning double. If your children will be further apart in age, consider our Pliko Switch Compact and our Pliko P3 Compact. Both come with our rear footboard, which provides a safe ride for an older child.

4. What’s the weight capacity of your double and triple strollers?
All of our stroller seats are designed to accommodate up to 45 pounds. So the Duette SW and Aria Twin 60/40 can each accommodate up to 90 pounds total, while the Triplette SW can accommodate up to 135 pounds.

5. The double and triple strollers seem so big…How hard are yours to maneuver?
Not hard at all, thanks to innovative engineering. Both our Duette SW and Triplette SW feature a height- and angle-adjustable steering wheel that effortlessly steers the front wheels. And with its unique 60/40 side-by-side design and one-hand push handlebar, the compact and lightweight Aria Twin 60/40 is also surprisingly easy to maneuver as well. It even fits through standard doorways.

Ready to buy? Visit one of our Authorized Retailers near your for great customer service and personal care.

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Benvenuto to “Ciao, Mondo!”

One of the very best things about Peg Perego is that we’re always changing things up, updating our product line, introducing new colors, and tweaking our most beloved strollers to make them even better.

Before you know it, we’ll be introducing our 2012 line (end of September, just in case you want to mark your calendars), but today we have a different kind of introduction to make. We’re introducing a new Online Associate, Emily.

A mom of two to Maddie, 4, and Jack, 14 months, she’s someone we know you’ll be able to relate to. Plus, she’s crazy about Peg Perego. Just check out her responses to a few of the questions we had for her.

Q: You’ve been assisting our other Online Associate, Amanda, for a few months now…What’s the number one question you get?
A: It’s got to be, when will the Primo Viaggio SIP Convertible be available? The answer is this Fall, which I know can’t come soon enough for many of our Peg Perego families. I completely understand. I can’t wait to get my hands on one (or two) myself!

Q: What’s your favorite Peg Perego product?
A: That’s a tough one! I personally own (and LOVE) the Pliko P3. I’m still amazed every time I go to fold it up. It’s so easy! And my little guy, Jack, just loves it. He’s so happy in there. And my older one loves that she can ride on the rear footboard. But … If I was doing it all over again and was having a baby for the first time, I’d definitely go with the Pliko Switch Compact Modular System. It has everything you need—stroller, car seat, bassinet with stand, and a diaper bag. Plus, the Pliko Switch Compact is an amazing stroller. The removable seat allows baby to face you, or the world ahead. As a mom, I love that versatility!

Q: What do you love about working on “Ciao, Mondo!”?
A: I love that it’s a place where moms and dads can get all the latest Peg Perego news.  And “Ciao, Mondo!” is just as much their space as it is ours.

So keep leaving us comments and sending your emails to onlineassociate@pegperego.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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What to Buy: Vela Easy Drive vs. Si

We get lots of questions from parents trying to decide between Peg Perego’s two lightweight, full-featured strollers, the Vela Easy Drive and the Si. While both strollers share a lot of the same great features (lightweight, at just 15.8 pounds each; travel system compatible; easy to fold and transport), we thought it might be helpful to take a look at what differentiates the two.

Vela Easy Drive Si
Description The convenient and lightweight stroller with all the features. The compact, easy-folding stroller that’s a breeze to take along wherever baby goes.
Weight 15.8 lbs. 15.8 lbs.
Travel System Compatible Yes. Yes, with included adapter straps.
Handle Single, one-hand push handlebar. Two adjustable handles.
Harness 5-Point Freedom of Movement harness. Traditional 5-point safety harness.
Fold Compact flat fold; stands alone when folded. Slim “umbrella” fold; stands alone when folded.
Wheels Two 6.5″ front wheels with ball bearings; two larger 7.5″ rear wheels for enhanced maneuverability. Four 6.5″ suspension wheels (with 12 ball bearings for smooth, responsive handling).
Fabric Collection Java, Geranium, Myrto, Iris, Apricot and Nero Java, Myrto, Geranium and Nero
Accessories Included: Adult Cup Holder, Snack Tray

Sold Separately: Rain Shield, Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant car seat

Included: Adult Cup Holder, Bumper Bar

Sold Separately: Rain Shield, Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant car seat, Travel Bag, Mosquito Netting

Ready to lighten up with one of our full-featured, lightweight strollers? Use our Store Locator to find an authorized retailer near you. Or, shop online with one of our authorized Online Retailers.

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Car Seat Safety Answers

Earlier this year, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued new guidelines that urge parents to keep children in rear-facing car seats longer—until they reach their second birthday (or until they reach the maximum height or weight for their seat, whichever comes first). With the new regulations came new questions. Here’s a look at some of the FAQs the American Academy of Pediatrics addresses in its latest guide, “Car Safety Seats: A Guide for Families 2011.

1. What if my baby’s feet touch the back of the vehicle seat?
Your child can bend his legs easily and will be comfortable in a convertible seat. Injuries to the legs are rare for children facing the rear.

2. Are rear-facing convertible seats OK to use for preemies?
Premature infants should be tested while still in the hospital to make sure they can ride safely in a reclined position.

3. What should I keep in mind when shopping for a car seat?
The best seat is the one that fits your child’s size, is correctly installed, fits well in your vehicle and is used properly every time you drive.

4. What do I need to consider if I’m getting a used car seat?
Avoid used if you don’t know the seat’s history. Never use a car seat that:

  • Is too old. Look on the label for the date it was made. Check with the manufacturer to find out how long it recommends using the seat.
  • Has any visible cracks.
  • Does not have a label with the date of manufacture and model number. Without these, you cannot check to see if the seat has been recalled.
  • Does not come with instructions. You need them to know how to use the seat.
  • Is missing parts.
  • Has been in a moderate or severe crash.
  • Was recalled. To find out, call the manufacturer or visit www.safercar.gov.

Click here to read about Peg Perego’s premium infant car seat, the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30,  and here to read more about our NEW Primo Viaggio SIP Convertible (coming this Fall). Still have questions? Ask us! Leave us a comment or send an email to onlineassociate@pegperego.com.

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Must-Have Accessories for Summer

Summer is here, and the heat is on. From parasols to cup holders, Peg Perego accessories will help keep baby (and you) comfortable and cool throughout the hazy, lazy days of the season.

Skate Umbrella. Peg Perego designed the Skate Umbrella specifically for the Skate System. It attaches easily to the chassis of the Skate, and it can be used when using the stroller seat, bassinet or Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30. And with its adjustable and versatile design, it can also be used as a free-standing umbrella.

Universal Umbrella. Here’s an insider tip you’ll only get here…We still have a few Universal Umbrellas from our 2010 line in stock and available at our online Overstock Store. The Universal Umbrella will work with the Pliko P3, Pliko Switch, Si, Aria OH and Aria Twin 60/40.

Rain Cover. Don’t let a pop-up summertime storm catch you off guard. Our easy-to-attach Rain Cover is a must-have for summer. We’ve designed a Rain Cover to fit our Pliko P3 Compact, Pliko Switch Compact, Pliko Mini, Si, GT3, GT3 for Two, Duette SW, Triplette SW, Uno, Vela Easy Drive and Aria OH.

Mosquito Netting. When the sun starts to go down, keep pesky mosquitoes away from your sweet baby with our Mosquito Netting. The easy-to-attach netting is constructed with elastic to fit snugly around the hood and foot of our strollers. Our Mosquito Netting is designed to fit our Pliko P3 Compact, Pliko Switch Compact, Si, Pliko Mini, GT3 and GT3 for Two strollers.

Adult Cup Holder. Have you lost your cup holder? You can order a replacement at our online Overstock Store. There, we sell replacement cup holders for our Pliko P3, Aria, Aria Twin, Si, Pliko Switch and Skate System.

Ready to start accessorizing? Use our Store Locator to find a retailer near you. Or, if you’d prefer to shop online, check out our list of authorized Online Retailers. And don’t forget to check out our Peg Perego Overstock Store for discontinued and replacement accessories.

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Prima Pappa Diner and Prima Pappa Best FAQs

A high chair is more than just a place for feeding baby. Oftentimes, it is baby’s first seat in the house. It’s where baby can observe, and more importantly become, a part of your family. Given its significance, it’s no wonder we get a lot of questions about our Prima Pappa Diner and Prima Pappa Best high chairs.

1. What’s the difference between the Prima Pappa Diner and the Prima Pappa Best?

Both high chairs share a lot of the same features–a dishwasher-safe double tray for easy cleanups, non-scratching rubber caster wheels for smooth maneuverability, and seven height adjustments. The Diner comes in our easy-to-clean vinyl, while the Best comes in our stain-resistant, leather-like “Prima Classe” upholstery. The Best also has an adjustable footrest and storage net on the back of its seat.

2. So is the Prima Pappa Best really “best”?

It really depends what you’re looking for. While the Best has a couple of extra features, the biggest difference between the Diner and the Best is the upholstery. The Prima Pappa Diner comes in our easy-to-clean vinyl and features fun, childish prints. On the other hand, with its finely tailored “Prima Classe” upholstery, the Best feels a little more upscale.

3. Can your Prima Pappa Best and/or Prima Pappa Diner be used with a newborn?

Yes. Both offer four “tilt-in-space” recline positions, which are great for when you want to keep baby close during family dinners and get-togethers.

4. How long can my child use the Best or the Diner?

Both the Prima Pappa Best and the Prima Pappa Diner have been tested to accommodate children up to 45 pounds. They both adjust to seven height positions, and the Best features an adjustable footrest.

Have a question about our other high chair, the multipurpose Tatamia? Check out our “Tatamia FAQs” here.  And as always, if you have a question and don’t see it here, please ask! Leave us a comment or send an email to onlineassociate@pegperego.com.

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New Videos: Modular Systems

They say less is more. Still, there are times, particularly when buying for baby, that more is more! That’s especially the case when it comes to Peg Perego’s amazing Modular Systems.

Our two systems—the Skate System and the Pliko Switch Compact Modular System—give you more by including everything you’ll need for baby in one single purchase.

Modular Systems are a great choice, especially if you are a new parent, or you just want everything new (and matching) for baby. Not only are Modular Systems complete, but ours also grow right along with your baby. Both the Skate and the Switch systems give you the versatility to transport baby in a bassinet, car seat, or stroller seat.

If you’re looking for style, you’ll want to consider our Skate System. Ever so fashionable, the luxurious three-piece system easily converts from an ultra-comfortable carriage to a reversible, fully functional stroller. And the wheels, which were designed with ball bearings and shock-absorbing springs, make it extremely smooth to push. When watching the video, be sure to notice:

  • The included Skate bassinet.
  • The reversible seat.
  • All of the available accessories, including the Jumper Seat, which quickly turns the Skate into a head-turning stroller for two.

We also invite you to consider making the switch to our Pliko Switch Compact Modular System. The centerpiece of this system is our beloved Pliko Switch Compact stroller. The all-inclusive system also comes with our award-winning Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant seat, our urban-chic Navetta XL bassinet and stand, and our Borsa diaper bag. When watching the video, be sure to notice:

Want to see more? Make sure you check out our very own Peg Perego USA YouTube Channel. There, you can watch videos of some of our most popular products. And be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment. Questions are welcomed too!

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