Best Strollers for Fireworks, Parades, and Festivals

Summer is here, and the Fourth of July is just days away, which means we are officially entering the season of fireworks, parades, and festivals. Are you ready? Is your stroller?

Any experienced parent will tell you that having the right stroller can make all the difference when attending special events. Here are our top Peg Perego picks for all of those great summertime festivities.

For older babies and toddlers, we love the Pliko Mini. Being just 19 1/4″ wide, it’s a breeze to maneuver through crowds. And, thanks to amazing design, it has all the comfort features your child will need for a long day out—a deep recline, an adjustable leg rest, and a full hood. Plus, at just 13 pounds and with its convenient carrying handle, the Mini is easy to still take along even when your little one is in more of a walking mood (which is bound to change at some point in the day, right?)

If you’ve got more than one small child, we recommend the Aria Twin 60/40 for special events. Super lightweight and compact, the Aria Twin 60/40 side-by-side double stroller allows both passengers to get a good (forward-facing) view. Likewise, with large independent hoods and individual snack trays with cup holders, it’s easy to keep both of your little passengers happy. Furthermore, since it was designed to fit through standard doorways, the Aria Twin 60/40 maneuvers surprisingly well through crowds.

Now, for a newborn, or a very young baby, we recommend the Pliko Switch Compact, which gives you freedom to position baby to face you, or the world ahead. Additionally, with just a few easy moves, the stroller seat converts to a carriage, which is perfect for sleepy babies, or diaper changes on the fly. We also love the Pliko Switch Compact for its large zippered hood that can be used as a sun canopy.

In a hurry to get one of these strollers before the holiday weekend? Use our Store Locator to find an authorized retailer near you. Happy Fourth of July!

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Pliko Mini FAQs

At only 13 pounds, the Pliko Mini is a streamlined version of our beloved classic Pliko. Wondering if the Mini is right for you? Check out some of our FAQs.

1. Would you recommend the Mini for travel?

Absolutely! Being just 19 1/4″ wide, 40 1/6″ high, and 33 1/3″ deep, there’s not a single train platform, bus terminal, or jetway where the Pliko Mini will fail to move with agility. Plus, with the available Travel Bag (sold separately), it’s easy to take the Mini along on every adventure.

2. Will the Pliko Mini work as an everyday stroller too?

Yes, the Mini is a great everyday stroller. It’s perfect for running errands or taking quick trips around the neighborhood. And, with its astonishingly compact dimensions when folded (just 37 1/2″ in height by 13 1/2″ in width by 13″ in depth), it will easily fit into even the most crowded of trunks.

3. What is the recommended use for the Mini?

The Mini is ideal for older babies and toddlers (up to 45 pounds). Very young infants will probably find traditional strollers like the Mini more comfortable once they have developed better head and neck control (which usually happens between 3 to 5 months). The Mini does not accept a car seat.

4. What accessories are available for the Mini?

With the Mini, there’s an accessory for nearly every season. There’s an available Travel Bag, Rain Cover, Mosquito Netting, and Leg Cover (all sold separately).

5. If the Mini is so “mini,” what features are you sacrificing?

Thanks to good design, not many. We used our 60-plus years of experience designing the very best, most innovative strollers to ensure that the Pliko Mini is the perfect union of comfort and practicality. The Mini offers everything that parents (and children) want:

Want to see the Pliko Mini in action? Check out our product video.

Still have questions? Leave us a comment, or send an email to onlineassociate@pegperego.com.

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Vela Easy Drive FAQs

Parents just love our Vela Easy Drive. Whether it’s the convenient push handlebar, the larger wheels, or all of the convenient little extras (one-hand fold, removable snack tray, full hood, large storage basket), there is indeed a lot to love. So, it’s not surprising that we get a lot of questions about our convenient and lightweight Vela Easy Drive stroller.

1. Is the Vela Easy Drive travel-system compatible? Yes! The Vela Easy Drive can be used along with our Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant car seat.

2. What are the differences between the 2010 and 2011 Vela Easy Drive? Moving away from the 3-wheel configuration, the 2011 Vela Easy Drive got a second front wheel, making it smoother and more maneuverable. We also expanded the fabric selections to include even more color choices.

3. What does “Easy Drive” mean? Several features on the Vela Easy Drive make it easy to drive. First, it’s got a single push handlebar. And second, its large rear wheels and front swivel wheels have ball bearings that enhance steering and maneuverability.

4. What is the best use for the Vela Easy Drive? The Vela is the perfect stroller for indoor activities, such as shopping, errand running and mall-going. It’s also great for urban outdoor settings, such as outdoor shopping centers, zoos, and amusement parks.

Want to see the Vela Easy Drive in action? Check out our product video.

And as always, if you don’t see your question, please ask! Leave us a comment, or send an email to onlineassociate@pegperego.com.

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Stroller Options for Two

Have your stroller needs recently doubled? Did you know that Peg Perego has five (yes, five!) strollers that do double duty? Whether you’ve got twins, two young children, or siblings a few years apart in age, we’ve probably engineered a stroller solution for you and your family.

Our Duette SW is ideal for families with twins or two young children. The tandem-style double stroller has two individual seats that can face forward, backward, or each other. And the Duette SW will accept one—or two—Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seats.

Super lightweight and compact, the Aria Twin 60/40 side-by-side double stroller is perfect for families with a younger and an older child, especially since the slightly larger “60” seat can accommodate one Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat. And you’ll love how the 60/40 seat design maneuvers through doorways, sales racks, and crowds.

If you’re expecting baby number two, or just thinking about having a second child, you may want to consider our Skate System. With it’s Jumper Seat accessory, you to turn our stylish three-piece stroller system into a head-turning double.

If your children are farther apart in age, and one is at that age where they’ve grown out of a traditional stroller but still might sometimes want an occasional ride, check out our rear footboard, which comes standard on two of our most popular strollers—the Pliko Switch Compact and the Pliko P3 Compact. It provides a safe (and big-kid approved “cool”) ride for a second passenger.

Want to check out some of these options in person? Visit one of our authorized retailers for great customer service and personal care. Find one near you by using our online Store Locator.

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The Peg Perego Story

With Father’s Day just a few days away, we thought it was a fitting time to share with you the Peg Perego story. After all, at its heart, it’s a story of a father who wanted the very best for his son.

More than 60 years ago, in 1949, Giuseppe Perego was preparing for the arrival of his new baby boy, Lucio.  But Italy was still on the road to recovery from World War II, and there were very few baby carriage options available. All he could find were models made of sheet metal and wicker.

So Giuseppe, a mechanical designer by trade, began working on his own design. And soon, the first Peg Perego baby carriage was born.  It consisted of a bassinet seat sewn by Giuseppe’s mother, and it featured a separate chassis that would convert from carriage to stroller.

As Giuseppe took to the streets with baby Lucio happily bundled in his one-of-a-kind carriage, the revolutionary “convertible” system soon became the envy of their hometown of Arcore, Italy, just outside of Milan.

Friends and neighbors soon overwhelmed Giuseppe with requests to make a carriage for their little ones. The demand was so great, Giuseppe started his own company, and with that, Peg Perego, a company quite literally built for family, was born.

Family is still key to the Peg Perego identity.

Lucio Perego is now CEO of the company that he himself inspired. And his son, Nick Perego, helms the company’s U.S.A. operations.

We  still feel as if every time a parent places a child into one of our products, they are placing them in our arms. And we like to think that the many families around the world that choose our products do so because we too are a family.

From our family to yours, happy Father’s Day.

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Primo Viaggio SIP Convertible Update

They say good things come to those who wait, and we know that’s going to be the case with our highly anticipated Primo Viaggio SIP Convertible car seat. We just heard from Italy that the Primo Viaggio SIP Convertible should be available here in the states sometime this fall.

New for 2011, the Primo Viaggio SIP Convertible follows baby from infancy through toddlerhood by converting from a rear-facing (for children 5 to 35 lbs.) to a forward-facing (for children 20 to 70 pounds, or up to 49 inches) seat.

Other features include:

• Adjustable Side Impact Protection (SIP) that is easy to adjust to 10 different positions, even with baby in the seat.

• Three recline positions.

• Quick–release, five-point safety harness with shoulder pads and chest clip; harness webbing made with “cobblestone” extra strong polyester thread.

• A wide, padded seat that includes a removable cushion for newborns.

• Superior quality fabric; removable, washable covers.

• EPS side foam in the shell and in the head panel that provides superior Side Impact Protection.

• A gently shaped base with non-friction pads that add extra stability.

• Adjustable LATCH connectors that are easily re-positionable for forward- or rear-facing installation.

• Top tether hook for forward-facing mode.

Interested in upgrading your little one to the Primo Viaggio SIP Convertible as soon as it’s available? Please keep checking back for updates. We will post  availability information as soon as we get it.

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Parli Italiano? (Do You Speak Italian?)

Here at Peg Perego, we are proud of our Italian heritage and long tradition of designing and manufacturing Italian-made baby and children’s products that meet the needs of families worldwide.

A family-owned company since our founding in 1949, Peg Perego continues to design and manufacture all of our products in Italy. A nod to our Made in Italy tradition, and to the style and quality standards that we hold so dear, is our many Italian product names. These names mean something to us, and we thought you might appreciate the meanings as well.

Uno. This name literally means “one,” which is perfect for this all-in-one carriage that quickly converts to a stroller.

Si. You probably guessed this one. “Si” translates to “yes.” And who wouldn’t want to say “yes” to a compact, quick-folding stroller that is so easy to take wherever baby goes?

Vela Easy Drive. This one is a little tougher to guess, right? “Vela” translates to “sail,” which really is a fitting name for our convenient and lightweight stroller. With the Vela, you can “sail” right through the day.

Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30. This one has a sweet translation. Directly translated, it means “first travel,” which is perfect since our Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 is the ideal solution for transporting infants 5 to 30 pounds or 30 inches.

Prima Pappa Best and Prima Pappa Diner. “Pappa” is a tricky one. You might have thought “pappa” means papa, or dad, or something along those line. But “pappa” actually translates to “baby food,” which is exactly what your baby will enjoy in our stylish, functional high chairs.

Sdraietta Melodia. “Sdraietta” is probably the toughest one to guess (and pronounce), right? In English, “sdraietta” translates to “bouncer.” And “melodia” translates to “musical.” So together, “sdraietta melodia” translates to “musical bouncer.”

Borsa Mamma. Another easy one. This one translates to “mom bag.” But isn’t Borsa Mamma so much more glamorous, and given the Borsa’s sleek style, more fitting?

Tatamia. This is one of our favorite names. It is so fun to say, and when you know the meaning, it makes you love the Tatamia even more. “Tata mia” roughly translates to “my nanny.” We love that! Especially since with its three functions—baby recliner, swing and highchair—the Tatamia can be used to care for your little one from the time they are a newborn through their toddler years.

Explore our entire collection at us.pegperego.com.

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What to Buy: The Pliko Switch Compact vs. The Uno

Do you like to change things up from time to time? Then you should definitely consider a convertible stroller. These innovative strollers allow baby to go from facing you, to the world ahead, with just a few quick and easy moves.

But with more than one great Peg Perego convertible option, how do you choose?

First, you’ll want to consider the Pliko Swith Compact. With the Switch, within seconds you can switch the removable seat from rear-facing to forward-facing. Plus, the Pliko Switch Compact was redesigned this year for a 2-inch shorter fold and to be 2 pounds lighter.

Then, there’s our innovative Uno. The feature that sets the Uno apart from others is its reversible handlebar, which allows you to effortlessly transition baby from front- to rear-facing (even while she’s sleeping!) The Uno also has large rear wheels that give it a smooth, luxurious ride and zero-radius turning when in rear-facing mode.

Pliko Switch Compact Uno
Description The ultimate in convenience, this modular stroller has a removable seat that easily switches from forward- or rear-facing. With its reversible handlebar, this all-in-one stroller quickly converts from forward- to rear-facing.
Special Feature Reversible Seat. Reversible handlebar.
Weight 21.7 lbs. 24.4 lbs.
Travel System Compatible Yes. Car seat attaches directly to chassis. Yes. Car seat fastens to stroller seat.
Harness Traditional 5-point safety harness. Traditional 5-point safety harness.
Recline Adjustable, newborn-ready recline. Adjustable, newborn-ready recline.
Fold Compact collapsible fold. Wider, but thinner “book” fold.
Wheels Four 6.5″ double wheels (8 wheels total). Two 6.3” front wheels;

two 10.25” back wheels.

Accessories Included: Adult Cup Holder, Snack Tray, Storage Basket, Rear Foot Board

Sold Separately: Rain Shield, Travel Bag, Mosquito Netting, Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat, Borsa Mamma diaper bag

Included: Adult Cup Holder, Snack Tray, Storage Basket, Detachable Zippered Leg Cover

Sold Separately: Rain Shield, Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat, Borsa Mamma diaper bag

Like the idea of a convertible, but you really want a travel system?

You can pair the Uno with a matching Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat (sold separately). Or, you can get the Switch as part of our Pliko Switch Compact Modular System, which also includes the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant car seat, the Navetta XL bassinet (which attaches right to the Switch stroller chassis) and bassinet stand (for nursery use), and our sleek Borsa Mamma diaper bag.

And don’t forget about our Skate System. The ever so stylish three-piece system can also easily transform from an ultra comfortable pram to a reversible, fully functional stroller.

Need one-on-one help deciding? Leave us a comment or send us a message at onlineassociate@pegperego.com. Or, use our Store Locator to find a retailer near you.

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