Enjoy the Magic (with the right stroller!)

How do you make the happiest place on earth even happier? With a happy baby of course!

If you’re planning a trip to Disney this summer (or Six Flags, or Universal Studios, or wherever), a little thought into which stroller to bring along can make all the difference.

So what would our top picks be?

You really can’t go wrong with the Pliko P3 Compact. It has all of the best features of a full-sized stroller (multi-position recline, travel system compatibility, large canopy, snack tray), but it also has a one–hand compact “umbrella fold” that allows for quick closing and carrying. Plus, you’ll love its adjustable handles, large storage basket and adult cup holder when you’re walking around the park. And, if an older sibling gets tired (which almost always happens during long days at the park, right?), they can hop on the Pliko P3 Compact’s rear footboard.

If you like to travel light—and you really need just a toddler stroller—consider the Pliko Mini. At only 13 pounds, the Pliko Mini has an easy fold, a deep recline (which is great for sleepy toddlers) and adjustable handles for mom and dad. Plus, this stroller comes in some great vibrant colors (making your stroller much easier to find in the sea of carriage, strollers, and wagons you’ll no doubt encounter at the park).

Got two little ones? Consider the Aria Twin 60/40. It’s super lightweight, and you’ll love how this compact side-by-side maneuvers through crowds, and even fits through doorways! Plus, keeping two children happy is easy with the individual adjustable hoods, individual reclining backrests and individual child snack trays.

Did you have a different model in mind? Ask us about it! We love helping families find the perfect strollers, wherever they go!

And for the very best in-person customer care and service, shop a Peg Perego authorized retailer. Use our Where to Buy tool to find one near you.

Viaggio sicuro! (Safe travels!)

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Che Bimba Carina! (What a Cute Baby!)

Since launching our Peg Perego USA Facebook page earlier this year, one of our favorite things has been interacting with all of you. And the best part of that interaction has been seeing how your families use—and love—our products.

But we’d always love to see more! Especially if it involves cute baby pictures!

So, we’re inviting all of our Facebook fans to be a part of our brand new Peg Pergo USA “family” album on Facebook. (Not a Peg Perego USA Facebook fan yet? Be sure to “like” us today so you’re getting the latest news from Peg Perego USA!)

So, if you’ve got an adorable photograph of your child enjoying their much-loved Peg Perego stroller (or high chair, or car seat, or bouncy seat) that we just have to see, please send it our way!

You can submit your photo to Please include caption information (child’s first name, age, and product name).

We’ll be sure that they all make it into our Peg Perego USA “family” album on Facebook! And we might even feature some right on the Peg Perego USA wall!

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Buying for Baby: Gift Registry Essentials

In our more than 60 years of designing and manufacturing high-quality products for babies and children, we at Peg Perego have gained some understanding about what it takes to prepare for a new baby.

It’s a joyful and beautiful time, but there is also so much to do!

To help, we’ve created a short checklist for all the gear you’ll need—and want—for your new baby.

Infant Car Seat: The most important consideration here is safety. Make sure to get a new car seat that complies with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards. Peg Perego’s celebrated Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 has been specially created to keep baby safe from the very start. Designed for infants from 5 to 30 pounds (or up to 30 inches), the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 features a quick-release five-point safety harness with shoulder pads and a fail-safe buckle; adjustable Side Impact Protection (SIP); and a special removable cushion for newborns.

Stroller: When selecting a stroller for a newborn, there are some special considerations. First, you need a stroller that either has a full recline or offers the option to attach a car seat and/or bassinet. Several of our strollers have a full recline, and nearly all of them will take a car seat. A modular system (like our Skate System or our Pliko Switch Compact Modular System) are also great options, especially if you’re looking to get everything you need for a new baby in one convenient purchase.

High Chair: If you want to keep your baby nearby during meals, considering getting a high chair with a seat that reclines for very young infants. All of our high chairs have a tilt-in-space seat that’s perfect for young babies, even newborns. Other important features are a secure and comfortable restraint system (a five-point harness with a passive restraint is best); a wide, sturdy base; adjustable height; and a one-hand tray release. And if you’re looking for a multipurpose high chair, consider our Tatamia. Recently included in Fit Pregnancy’ s list of Registry Essentials, the Tatamia transforms from a baby recliner to a baby swing to a high chair, meeting your child’s needs at every stage, from newborn to toddler.

Need one-on-one help starting a baby registry? Use our Store Locator to find a retail baby store near you.

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Answering Your FAQs

Shopping for baby gear can be a little intimidating. There are so many options. So many models. And so many features to consider!

So, how do you go about finding the perfect product for your baby?

We get asked that…a lot. So to help you get started, we’ve put together this list of frequently asked questions.

Q: Why choose Peg Perego?

A: After more than 60 years of making carriages, strollers, car seats, high chairs, and bouncers, Peg Perego is known worldwide for innovative products that reflect Italy’s most sophisticated style trends. Every step in the process—from engineering to production to shipping —is performed by Peg Perego and no one else, ensuring that all of our products, which are all “Made in Italy,” are of the very best quality.

Q: Help! I’m having trouble deciding between Peg Perego models!

A: With so many great options, that happens! Check out for product specifics. Still having a hard time deciding? Look at some of the side-by-side comparisons we’ve done:

What to Buy: Pliko Switch Modular System vs. Skate System

What to Buy: Pliko Switch Compact vs. Pliko P3 Compact vs. Si

What To Buy: Pliko Mini vs. Vela Easy Drive vs. Si

Q: How much weight can your strollers and highchairs hold?

A: All of our single strollers and highchairs are designed to hold up to 45 pounds. If you have a twin or a triple stroller, it will hold 45 pounds per seat.

Q: What are the height and weight limitations on your Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat?

A: Our Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 is for infants 5 to 30 pounds or up to 30 inches.

Q: Where can I buy Peg Perego products?

A: To find a retailer near you, use our Store Locator. You can find online retailers here.

Don’t see your question? Ask us! Leave us a comment, send us an email at, or find us on Facebook. We’re here to help!

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High Chairs with High Style

When it comes to baby gear, form almost always follows function. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find great-looking pieces for your home!

Just check out Peg Perego’s lineup of chic high chairs. With three designs (all straight from Milan!) to choose from—the Prima Pappa Diner, the Prima Pappa Best, and the Tatamia—you’re bound to find a high chair that meets your lifestyle and your style.

With its fun, childish prints, the Prima Pappa Diner adds a touch of whimsy to our modern take on the classic high chair. This quick-folding chair boasts easy-to-clean vinyl upholstery and our much-loved dishwasher-safe double tray. And like all of our high chairs, it comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Our Prima Pappa Best has a similar classic style, but with its finely tailored, buttery-soft (and stain-resistant!) “Prima Classe” upholstery, it feels a little more upscale. It has all the same features as the Diner, including non-scratching rubber wheels, an adjustable recline, and seven different height adjustments, as well as a few little sophisticated extras, like an adjustable footrest and storage basket.

Check out our full-length Prima Pappa Best product video:

Our Tatamia (which was just featured on “Ellen” last week!) is the ultimate in modern style and innovation. This sleek multipurpose seat can be used as a high chair, an infant recliner, or a baby swing. While the Tatamia will surely be baby’s favorite seat in the house for all it does, with its sleek, sophisticated design, you’ll love the Tatamia for the way it looks.

Check out our full-length Tatamia product video:

Like what you see? Use our Where to Buy tool to find an authorized Peg Perego dealer near you.

Buon appetito!

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Peg Perego on ‘Ellen’ Today!

Ellen loves Peg Perego! Especially, the Peg Perego Tatamia!

Peg Perego makes top-of-the-line baby products,” the popular talk show host told her audience of very excited mothers-to-be on today’s show. “Not only is it a high chair, but it also turns into a recliner…and it swings as well! All that, in one thing! Isn’t that great? I love that!”

Ellen selected the Peg Perego Tatamia as one of the gifts she gave away today on her special Mother’s Day Show. And she couldn’t say enough about the Tatamia and all of its amazing features!

“It’s so smart,” Ellen said. “You used to have all of these different things, and now one thing does it all for you!”

The Tatamia is smart indeed!

The Peg Perego Tatamia is so much more than a high chair! The multi-purpose chair transforms from a baby recliner to a baby swing and then to high chair. It has a space-saving footprint, can easily be rolled throughout the house, and features a height-adjustable seat. Plus, its dishwasher-safe double tray makes cleanup a breeze! And you’ll love its sleek and stylish design!

Want to get your own Tatamia? Visit our Where to Buy page to find an authorized retailer near you.

And from all of us at Peg Perego, Happy Mothers Day!

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‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Don’t miss “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” today (Friday, May 6). It’s her annual Mother’s Day Show, and as always, she’s got some big surprises in store. There’s one in particular that we at Peg Perego are REALLY excited about!

Here’s what the show is saying about today’s very special episode:

It’s Ellen’s annual Mother’s Day Show, and she once again invited soon-to-be mothers to fill the audience! Ellen has huge surprises in store for all of them, including some of the best gifts she could find — and you can win them from home!

It’s not just the audience that’s pregnant — KATE HUDSON is expecting another child! The Academy Award-nominated actress is ready to focus on being a mother… right after telling Ellen about her new movie, “Something Borrowed.”

So don’t miss it! And from our family to yours, Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mom Knows Best: Real Moms Review the Pliko P3 Compact

In honor of Mother’s Day, we at Peg Perego wanted to pay special tribute to moms everywhere by sharing what real moms are saying about some of our products.

First, we wanted to share a review from Dana at This mother of three young boys, who is currently pregnant with her first girl (congratulations Dana!), has “a passion—and a weakness—for shopping for the hottest, must-have, luxe items.”

After more than 10 years with one stroller, she tried and fell in LOVE with the Peg Perego Pliko P3 Compact. “I adore the compact design!” she writes. “It’s easy, no, amazingly simple to maneuver even with a heavy two year old in it…and did I mention it comes with a cup holder??”

She continues, “If you’re a new parent or parent-to-be with no experience in the stroller department, Peg Perego is a brand you’ll want to get behind for sure! Reliable, tested and proven by moms all over, and with modern designs to die for, you’ll love them for years!”

You can Dana’s entire review here.

We also invite you to check out a review from Tanya at This mom of one “handsome little boy,” loved the Peg Perego Pliko P3 Compact for its fixed, five-point harness; abundant fabric options; extremely generous canopy; smaller, lightweight frame; and built-in rear footboard.

“Busy parents will appreciate that the Pliko P3 Compact features a one-hand fold,” Tanya writes. “It allows easy, quick closing and carrying, and being lightweight, it is the perfect stroller for traveling by air or public transportation.”

You can read Tanya’s entire review here.

We want to hear what you think of our products too! Post a comment,”like” us on Facebook, or send us an email at

From the Peg Perego family to yours, Happy Mothers Day!

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Meet Our Newest Additions: Peg Perego Product Videos!

You’ve been asking, and we’ve been listening!

Our highly anticipated product videos—featuring products from our 2011 USA Collection—are here! Our hope is that these videos, which can be found on our brand new Peg Perego USA YouTube Channel, will help you find the perfect product for your family.

This week, we wanted to feature two videos that spotlight two of our great lightweight stroller options, the Vela Easy Drive and the Pliko Mini.

If you’re looking for a convenient and lightweight stroller with all of the features, we think you’ll love the Vela Easy Drive. With the Vela’s larger wheels, steering and maneuverability are effortless! When you’re watching the Vela Easy Drive Video, be sure to notice:

  • The convenient standalone feature.
  • How with the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30, the Vela Easy Drive becomes a travel system.
  • The easy, one-hand fold.

Want something that makes travel a breeze? Check out the Pliko Mini! At only 13 pounds, the Pliko Mini—a new addition to the Peg Perego lineup for 2011—is perfect for travel or as an everyday stroller. The Pliko Mini is practical, yet still so very stylish! When you’re watching the Pliko Mini Video, be sure to notice:

  • The adjustable backrest, which provides a deep recline.
  • The easy and compact, collapsible fold.
  • The vibrant color selections.

We’ll continue to feature more videos in the coming weeks.

Can’t wait that long? You can see all of our product videos right now on our Peg Perego USA YouTube Channel. Let us know what you think!

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