Fall- and Winter-Ready Fabrics

The great thing about Peg Perego’s luxurious fabrics is that they stay relatively dry in the summer and cozy-warm in the winter! This reduces the need to make any sort of accommodations for hot or cold weather. But, just in case your fall season typically leads up to a particularly cold winter, here are a few fabric suggestions:

1)     Consider our reversible fabric options. Available in Marea or Sophia, the velvety-soft side is perfect for harsh winters.

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Switch FAQs

1. Is the Switch suitable for a newborn? Yes, if the stroller seat is converted to carriage mode (seat is fully reclined; leg netting is in place), the Switch may directly accommodate a newborn!

2. Will the Switch fit inside the Pliko P3 Travel Bag? The Switch is a bit too big for the P3’s Travel Bag. However, other companies, such as JL Childress, can manufacture bags to accommodate the Switch.

3. Can I get a footmuff/boot for the Switch? There is not a boot/footmuff available for the Switch in the US. This was an accessory that originally came with the Switch when it was introduced to the market. But we have not offered the boot accessory since 2008.

4. How is the Switch different than the Uno? Both strollers can rear- and forward-face. They also convert to carriages. But the main difference between the two is how they do these things.

The Uno has a unique handlebar that swings from one side to the other, allowing the Uno to change from rear-facing to forward-facing without disrupting baby.

The Switch, on the other hand, has a removable seat that can face forward or backward, depending on baby’s preference! This feature also allows the Switch to be a great Travel System option, as the Primo Viaggio car seat (sold separately) directly attaches to the chassis for a lighter, sleeker look.

If you’d like to learn more about their differences, feel free to contact the Online Associate!

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Travel System FAQs

1. Are non-Peg Perego brand car seats compatible with Peg Perego strollers? Because we don’t test our strollers with seats other than the Primo Viaggio, we really don’t know the answer to this question. The best thing to do would be to either pose the question on a reputable message board or visit a local retailer to try to see which car seats fit our strollers. But when doing this, we ask that you keep safety a top priority.

2. Will my older model Peg Perego stroller accommodate a new Peg Perego Primo Viaggio car seat? Yes! Many times, even strollers that are very old can still accommodate new Primo Viaggio models. If you’re curious about a certain match, shoot me an email.

3. Will my older Primo Viaggio car seat fit a new Peg Perego stroller? Yes! If it is a Primo Viaggio SIP model, it will fit any of our new strollers.

4. How do I remove the car seat from the stroller’s car seat hooks? Use the same motion as when you’re releasing the seat from its LATCH base. Grab the top of the seat back with your fingers resting on the lever that runs along the back of the seat. Pull up on this lever with your fingers, and the seat will release from the hooks. Then, simply lift the seat out of the stroller seat.

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Labor Day Strollers

Labor Day is here, which means you’re sure to have some sort of event planned with baby! Here are our suggestions for proper baby gear, depending on your destination:

1)     Relaxing at the lake/beach – Bring along a stroller with larger (preferably air-filled) tires. This will help it navigate the sandy terrain.

2)     Going to the city/downtown area – The main thing here is to go with whatever stroller you feel best adapts to changing environments and is comfortable for baby. Because you may not know whether you’ll be spending your time window-shopping, park-visiting or museum perusing.

3)     Taking advantage of early bird sales – The stroller that you keep in your car trunk should be a great option for this. Basically, you just want something light, maneuverable and easy to fold.

4)     Hanging with friends and family– BBQ anyone? For a fun-filled day in the backyard, grilling ribs and playing lawn games, consider taking your most luxurious stroller option. The better the recline, the more comfortable the seat, and the larger the canopy size, the happier the baby.

5)     Getting out with nature – Grab your all-terrain stroller and go! If you don’t have an AT stroller, use whichever stroller has the largest wheels, and try to find a trail location that is the least bumpy.

Have a wonderful Labor Day!

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