BabyGizmo GT3 ForTwo Video!

I’ve got another video review to share! Hollie Schultz of put together a good review of the GT3 ForTwo.

Just as a refresher, the GT3 ForTwo is an updated version of our GT3 stroller (not available in the US). It’s designed for an all-terrain lifestyle and can accommodate two riders. The two unique features about the GT3 ForTwo that set it apart from many of its competitors are:

1)     It folds with the rear seat intact, and

2)     It accommodates a rider in the rear seat even when the front seat is in travel system-mode.

Any thoughts or comments on the GT3 ForTwo? Let me know!

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Video Reviews! Skate System & Jumper Seat

Hollie Schultz of just got done reviewing the 2010 Skate System and its Jumper Seat accessory!

The Skate System

Just to catch everyone up, the Skate System is our ultimate luxury stroller. It’s a three-piece unit that has carriage and stroller modes, plus a bassinet that may be used indoors. Some significant changes were made to the 2010 model, which is why this new review differs from the review Hollie did of the original Skate.

The Jumper Seat

The Jumper Seat is an accessory to the Skate System. Now available in-stores and online, the Jumper Seat transforms the Skate System into a stroller for two!

Please feel free to comment or email with any questions!

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Back to School with Peg Perego

With products engineered to match your lifestyle, there are a number of ways Peg Perego can help with the transition back to school!

  1. Car pooling – Driving the kids to school? Keeping a lightweight stroller in the trunk is a smart way to prepare for those unexpected trips inside the school. Plus, having one with a detachable seat allows you to quickly click your infant’s car seat directly onto the chassis!
  2. Walking to school – Live near the school? Walking is a great way to spend some time with your grade schooler while promoting exercise. If you have an infant that needs to tag along, investing in a convertible carriage/stroller would give her the option of sleeping or staying awake during the walk.
  3. School shopping – Ready to tackle that never-ending shopping list? Your Kindergartner (or younger) may enjoy the convenience of shopping from a stroller! Light, maneuverable strollers, such as the Vela and Si, were designed with quick trips and mall shopping sprees in mind.
  4. Staying around the house – Home with baby? With the older kids away, you’re ready to relish in some time to yourself. Keeping baby mobile is one way to see to it that you’re able to tackle your to-do list. Peg Perego offers a baby bouncer, the convenient 3-in-1 Tatamia chair, and numerous bassinet/stroller options – all ways in which you can keep baby nearby and occupied at the same time.

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Customer Service FAQs

Here’s some of the questions about Customer Service that we receive through the blog. For additional information on our Customer Service department, please visit


1) Can I get a replacement fabric cover for my high chair, stroller or car seat? If your product was manufactured within the last five years, a replacement fabric cover may be purchased from Customer Service (see contact information below). If your product is older than five years, please contact Customer Service to inquire as to whether a replacement fabric cover is available.


2) Do you keep spare parts on hand? Our Customer Service department keeps spare parts and accessories for each of our products for up to five years after the product was manufactured. For products older than this, please contact Customer Service regarding your need. They will be able to determine if we have a part for you.


If we don’t have a part on hand, your next step should be to check with a local shop that specializes in fixing strollers and baby products.

3) What is Peg Perego’s warranty policy? Our warranty policy may be viewed on our website.


4) I don’t live in the USA. Who do I contact about my Peg Perego product?

If you live in Canada, please contact Peg Perego Canada at 1-800-661-5050.


If you live in Australia, the UK, Europe, South America, or any place outside of the US or Canada, please contact Peg Perego in Italy (Peg Perego SpA) at (011) 39-039-6088213.

5) I’m thinking of buying a Peg Perego product, but I have a few questions. Who do I contact? Our Online Associate is ready to answer any questions you may have about finding the right baby product to meet your lifestyle. She may be reached via email or by leaving a comment on the blog!

Peg Perego USA Customer Service

Email: service (at) pegperego (dot) com

Phone: 1-800-671-1701

Peg Perego Canada Customer Service: 1-800-661-5050

Peg Perego SpA (Europe) Customer Service: (011) 39-039-6088213  (Milan, Italy)

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Summer Activity – Camping

Thinking of taking the family camping this summer? Here are some great articles from around the web:

The Ten Joys of Family Camping

Packing Checklist for Happy, Healthy Campers

We agree that it’s best to camp with older children (5 and up), but if you decide to trek out with your toddler anyway, here are some things to keep in mind:

1 – Have a quiet, comfortable, and safe place for him to nap.

2 – Plan activities that will appeal to him and keep him busy.

3 – Bring an appropriate stroller for hiking (or any other activities that would otherwise require him to walk or be carried).

4 – Opt for campsites with cabins as opposed to roughing it in tents.

5 – Keep the stay short. That way, you aren’t committed to staying longer than baby can handle.

Hope your summer is going well!

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