Maternity Must-Haves

It’s easy to get so caught up shopping for baby that you forget to shop for yourself! Take some time off of test driving strollers and installing car seats and go pick up some things for you. You definitely deserve it.

Not sure where to start?

The hottest trend in maternity-wear right now seem to be celebrity-endorsed lines, including a few by Heidi Klum and one that released last year by Nicole Richie. Another favorite (and absolute must-have!) is the BellaBand – a very handy accessory that allows you to wear your regular jeans well into your pregnancy!

As you indulge in some of the most talked about items, here’s a list* of the tried-and-true classics we’re sure will come in handy:

  • Maternity pillow
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Lotion
  • Water bottle
  • Maternity underwear (large-sized regular underwear may also work for you, depending on your frame)
  • Maternity bras
  • Sleep bras
  • Bathrobe
  • 2-4 pairs of leggings
  • Maternity jeans or khakis
  • Stretch or drawstring pants
  • Elastic-waist skirts
  • Stretchy tops
  • Maternity support belt
  • Exercise wear
  • Support shoes

*adapted from Peg Perego’s Planning for Baby—a guide for expectant moms. To receive a free copy, contact Customer Service or visit Planning for Baby online.

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2010 Product Reviews around the Web

More and more reviews on 2010 products are popping up on YouTube, blogs and review sites. Here’s some to note:

Kiersten’s review of the GT3 ForTwo – Kiersten has a steady archive of reviews for GrowingYourBaby.com, and her June 17 review is all about Peg Perego’s newest double stroller! Read the GT3 ForTwo review here.

Lisa’s review of the Skate System – Another GrowingYourBaby.com reviewer, Lisa also provides the site with celebrity family news. On May 18, she wrote up a wonderful review of the Skate System, complete with photos she took herself! Read the Skate System review here.

Strollerqueen’s review of the Vela – With a blog full of product reviews under her belt, Strollerqueen provided not only a review of the new Vela (complete with photos), but a comparison review of the Vela v. the Aria (its predecessor). Read the Vela review here Read the comparison here.

Mrs. Stratcatavarious’ review of the Uno – Video reviews can be hard to come by, but Mrs. Stratcatavarious’s look at the Uno is a great way to see the product before venturing out to a retailer. Watch the Uno review here.

Don’t forget! The information presented in any review may not be entirely accurate since it didn’t come directly from Peg Perego. To check on information or receive answers to any additional questions you may have, please feel free to contact me. I’m always here to help!

Also, if you have a review you’d like us to look at and possibly link to, let me know!

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Peg Perego’s 2011 Collection

Each year, Peg Perego’s engineers and designers work alongside the Perego family to develop new products, update existing products, and evaluate current products. This results in a completely new collection that is launched at the beginning of the following year.

Which means our next launch will be in January 2011!

We’re only halfway through 2010, but I’m already receiving quite a few questions about our 2011 Collection. So, in case you’re new to shopping for baby, here’s a snapshot of what will go on:

1)     Peg Perego’s 2011 collection will be introduced at the ABC Trade Show in October. Until then, I won’t be able to share any information on the collection, since our engineers and designers will continue to make final tweaks and decisions right up until the show. If you have questions about the collection, I encourage you to check back with the blog in October!

2)     Once the collection has been introduced, I’ll post about it on this blog. My posts leading up to the January collection launch will primarily be focused on highlighting both new and updated products. I’ll also be able to begin fielding questions from you!

3)     As is true every year, the collection will include new fabrics! This means we’ll have new colors and fabric designs for our baby products. The new fabric collection will be available on nearly all of our products (one or two products may carry over the 2010 fabric collection, while others may be available in select fabrics from the 2011 collection). So, even if a product doesn’t see a model update, it will have new fabric choices!

4)     Once the 2011 Collection is introduced in October, many stores will take preorders. This is the best way to guarantee that you’ll receive the new product as soon as possible. Though actual ship dates may change, we fill orders on a first come, first served basis. Getting your order in sooner than later is always a great option. And, if the timing ends up not working out, some retailers will allow you to cancel your order or apply it to a different product. (Please check with the retailer on this before placing your order).

5)     As we gear up for the 2011 launch, the 2010 Collection will be retired. This means that we will stop production of the 2010 Collection and begin to manufacture our 2011 products. Though it will still take some months to sell through our inventory, certain fabrics and models may become rare finds. To avoid chasing after an out-of-stock model, it’s best to make your final purchase of a 2010 Peg Perego soon after the 2011 collection launches in January.

Hope this clears up some questions you may have as to how we transition from 2010 to 2011. I’m here if you have any questions, but remember, I can’t say much about the new collection until after it’s unveiled in October!

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Planning for Baby: Newborn Must-Haves

Planning for Baby

Planning for Baby

Got a little one on the way? Have you begun shopping around for baby gear?

Though you won’t need to purchase the items until the middle of the third trimester, it’s often a good idea to begin shopping early. There’s often a lot of information to wade through and options to consider. By getting a head start, you’ll be sure to have time to make the choices that are best for your family!

Three of the major items you’ll need for baby are a crib, car seat and stroller. Here’s some information that may help jump-start the research process:

Crib – Decide whether you need a bassinet, cradle or standard crib. When shopping for a crib, find one with an adjustable mattress height. This will ensure baby is able to use it as he/she grows. Be careful when considering drop rail cribs, as these have seen some recalls in the past few years.

On top of this, opt for a firm mattress that fits snugly. Crib bumpers will also help create a cozy environment while protecting little fingers.

Car Seat – The most important consideration here is safety, so make sure to get a new car seat that complies with NHTSA standards. Second-hand seats are never a good option, since it’s impossible to tell whether they’ve seen an accident, extreme use or weather conditions and other instances that could compromise the seat’s performance.

A car seat base that’s permanently installed in the car is a feature many parents find convenient, as it allows them to install and remove the seat with a simple ‘click’!

And, finally, always consider head supports for newborns, since their muscles need time to strengthen.

Stroller – First, assess your lifestyle and needs. Do you have other young children, or is this your first baby? Will you be out and about a lot, running errands or walking through the neighborhood? Do you live in a big city, a suburb or the country? How important is weight and fold?

Though no one stroller can ‘do it all’, there are strollers for each of these needs. By narrowing your stroller selection to the strollers that will best adapt to your lifestyle (instead of choosing whichever one looks coolest), you lessen the risk that you’ll be disappointed in your stroller’s performance.

Once you’ve got it down to three to five options, head out to a local retailer and give them a try!

*adapted from Peg Perego’s Planning for Baby—a guide for expectant moms. To receive a free copy, contact Customer Service or visit Planning for Baby online.

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