Little-Known Features of 2010 Peg Perego Products

Because we often focus on the unique and most-loved features, I’d like to take this week’s blog post to go over some of the more standard features that we offer on our products – you know, features that truly help the product stand out but may not receive as much attention.

1)     Diaper bag hooks (available on the Switch, P3 and Aria Twin 60-40) – Hooks are built right onto the stroller’s frame, so that you can easily hang a diaper bag from the stroller!

2)     Extra padded seats (available on all Peg Perego strollers) – Our stroller seats tend to have more plush padding than our competitors’ seats, making for a more comfortable and happy baby.

3)     Huge canopy (available on all Peg Perego strollers) – Our canopies are some of the biggest in the business, oftentimes stretching to reach all the way down to the stroller’s snack tray/bumper bar.

4)     Confort dry car seat fabric (available on the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30) – Soft confort dry fabric wicks away moisture, keeping baby comfortable when the weather isn’t.

5)     A hood pocket (available on the Switch, P3 and Si) – This convenient pocket is located right on the hood – a perfect place for your keys or phone!

6)     Adult cup holder adaptability (available on the Uno, Skate System, Vela, Switch, P3, and Si) – With a cup holder hook on either side of the stroller, our Adult Cup Holder (included with stroller) may sit on either the right or the left. Very convenient!

7)     Spot shade (available on the Uno, Skate System, Switch, P3, and GT3 ForTwo) – Smart engineering allows most of our canopies to unzip and convert to a spot shade: a sort of shade that can be positioned to block the sun while still allowing plenty of ventilation!

8)     Lockable front wheels (available on the Uno, Skate System, Vela, Switch, P3, Si, GT3 ForTwo, and Aria Twin 60-40) – The option of putting the front wheels in swivel or stationary mode is a feature we include on most of our strollers.

Just some examples of how our products are engineered to make life easier!

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The Skate System Jumper Seat – Available Late July!


The Skate’s newest accessory, the Jumper Seat, has been a popular topic on the blog! So, when we received one from Italy last week, I was excited to find out a lot more about this great accessory that turns the Skate stroller into a double.

Quick Facts about the Jumper Seat*

-        Compatible with all Skate models

-        Can be used in conjunction with the stroller seat or the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat

-        Includes a three-point lap belt

-        Compatible with the Universal Umbrella accessory (to create a canopy for the Jumper Seat)

-        40-pound carrying capacity

-        Suggested Retail: $109.99

-        Available as an accessory in late-July through your local retailer (or through Peg Perego Customer Service)

*Please keep in mind that facts are subject to change as we approach the release date.

Check with your local Peg Perego retailer to see if they plan on carrying the Jumper Seat. The accessory will also be available online from select Peg Perego-authorized retailers. Feel free to contact me directly if you’d like verification on a retailer’s status.

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Traveling with a Newborn

Planning a summer road trip with your newborn (6 months or younger)? Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure baby is safe, comfortable, and the trip goes smoothly!

1) Expect frequent stops. Baby will need to be fed, changed, held and more. Because of these stops, your travel time will significantly increase. Plan for it to take about twice as long for you to reach your destination. This may seem like an inconvenience, but keep in mind that traveling by car is oftentimes a better experience for baby (and you!) than going by air or rail.

2) Avoid the temptation to take baby out of her seat. Taking baby out of her car seat (while still traveling) may seem like the best way to calm her down and still meet your expected time of arrival. However, removing baby from her car seat, for even a second, is extremely dangerous. Accidents happen quickly, and, in the event of an accident, there wouldn’t be anything to protect her  should she be in your arms rather than in her seat.

3) Bring a stroller with a full recline (or bassinet option). Keeping babies in their car seats for extended periods of time isn’t good for their development. Though there’s no way around the need to keep baby in her car seat while you’re on the road, having a stroller with a newborn-ready bassinet (or convertible seat) will offer something different than a car seat-Travel System option when you’re out sightseeing.

4) Anticipate a change in your baby’s sleep schedule. Time zones and car napping will affect whatever sleep schedule your baby has developed. At night, when you’re ready for her to fall asleep, keep in mind it may take a bit longer than normal and she may also wake more often. She has, after all, spent the entire day nodding off in the back seat. It’ll take some time for her schedule to smooth out again.

Have any questions about the gear you should use on your road trip? Ask away!

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Fabric Collection FAQs

Summer is fast upon us! Here are some of the fabric-related questions that I’ve received due to warmer weather:

1) Does black (Nero or Gala) fabric get hotter in the summer? Does it absorb more heat?

It’s easy to assume that stroller fabric operates like a car, in that the darker it is and the more it’s out in the sun, the hotter it gets. That’s really not the case. Black fabric, though it may absorb a bit more heat, doesn’t actually feel hotter than light-colored fabric.

So, if you’re considering a dark-colored stroller for summer, I say go for it!

2) What’s your most breathable, summertime fabric?

Our Soft Comfort Fabrics (Sophia and Marea) come with a reversible, all-natural cotton side that is light, airy, and so great for summer! Then, when winter comes back around, you can easily switch it back to the velvety-warm side.

Also, the headrest and padding on our Primo Viaggio car seat is made of soft Confort dry microfiber cloth that stays dry and allows proper ventilation. This fabric is great in the summer and winter months!

3) What can I do if I accidentally leave my stroller in the sun? I just don’t want the fabric to be too hot.

The fabric shouldn’t be too bad, but to be on the safe side, you may want to lay a light blanket directly on the seat before placing baby inside and securing him with the harness. This will help prevent any direct contact with the fabric.

4) Can you tell me about the chemicals that are sprayed on fabric? I’m afraid they’ll irritate baby’s skin.

Due to safety regulations, stroller and car seat companies such as Peg Perego spray their fabrics with fire retardants. This makes the product better-prepared in the event of an accident.

Parents tend to worry when they hear about the chemicals used on baby gear. However, it’s very important to keep in mind that these chemicals are as gentle as possible and allergic reactions to them are quite rare.

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Getting Familiar with the 2010 Uno

A great option for long walks, day trips and outdoor events (festivals, fairs and pavilion parties), the Uno is a great go-to stroller for families who stay busy!

One of our luxury strollers, the feature that sets the Uno apart from our other products is its reversible handlebar. This feature allows mom or dad to effortlessly transition baby from front- to rear-facing without waking her up!

The Uno also has large rear wheels that give it a smooth, luxurious ride, while providing it with zero-radius turning when in rear-facing mode. And, its convertible sun canopy and included boot accessory ensure it’s always weather-ready.

List of features:

  • Reversible handlebar has variable height adjustments and a detachable cup holder.
  • Our Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat (sold separately) attaches easily to retractable hooks.
  • Smooth Zero Radius Turning in rear-facing mode for effortless turning in tight spaces.
  • Large, handy storage basket.
  • Hood converts to a sun canopy with two-way zipper.
  • Includes a detachable zippered leg cover.
  • Tray with drink holder attaches easily to front bar.
  • Large, handy storage basket.

Height: 42″
Width: 23.75″
Depth: 35″

Weight: 19.6 lb

Height: 35.75″
Width: 23.75″
Depth: 14.5″

Weight: 19.6 lb

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