Stroller Options for Parents of Two

Peg Perego offers a number of options for families with two. So which is best for you?

Ideal for Families with Twins – The Duette SW

With seats that can face forward, backward or each other, the Duette is the perfect stroller to encourage twin bonding. It accepts two Primo Viaggio car seats.


Primo Viaggio (accepts two):     Birth to 6 months

Stroller Seat (accepts two): 6 months to 45 lbs.

Total weight capacity: 90 lbs.

Ideal for Shopping Families – The Aria Twin 60-40

Designed to fit through standard-sized doorways, this is a great option for mall-goers, shoppers, and errand-runners. The side-by-side design also gives it great maneuverability and ride when compared to other doubles. It accepts one Primo Viaggio car seat.


Large seat (With Primo Viaggio): Birth to 6 months

Large seat (Without Primo Viaggio): up to 45 lbs.

Small seat: up to 45 lbs.

Total weight capacity: 90 lbs.

Ideal for Adventurous Families – The GT3 ForTwo

The GT3 ForTwo is our most terrain-adaptable model. Thanks to its adjustable shocks, it more easily handles transitions from sand to gravel to pavement! It accepts one Primo Viaggio car seat.


Front seat (With Primo Viaggio): Birth to 6 months

Front seat (Without Primo Viaggio): 6 months to 45 lbs.

Rear seat: 6 months to 40 lbs.

Total weight capacity: 80 lbs.

Ideal for Slowly-Growing Families – The Skate System

Thinking about having another child, but don’t know for sure? The Skate System’s Jumper Seat accessory (available in July) allows you to turn this 3-piece single-stroller into a double! And the best thing is the Jumper Seat may be used when the Skate is in stroller or travel system mode. It accepts one Primo Viaggio car seat.

Double Accommodations

Chassis with Primo Viaggio (sold separately): 5 to 30 lbs.

Stroller seat: 6 months to 45 lbs.

Jumper Seat: 6 months to 40 lbs.

Have more questions? Leave me a comment!

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Peg Perego Travel Bag Accessories

Vacation season is upon us, and many of you have emailed me asking about Travel Bag options for your Peg Perego strollers.

For our 2010 collection, we offer the Travel Bag* accessory for the Pliko P3. This bag also accommodates the Si. But unfortunately it doesn’t accommodate the Switch.

So, for the Switch or any other Peg Perego stroller you may own that needs a Travel Bag, one great place to check is JL Childress specializes in storage bags for baby gear, sports gear and other types of gear. And, if they don’t manufacture a bag that fits your particular stroller, they take custom orders!

Their prices are very fair (a custom ordered bag for the Pliko Switch was recently quoted at $49.99, with the option of adding full padding for an extra $20**), and their craftsmanship is excellent.

Hopefully this will be helpful to those of you who have upcoming trips and need some additional stroller protection!

*The Pliko P3 Travel Bag may be purchased from Customer Service. It can accommodate the P3 or the Si.

**I’d like to thank one of our customers, Kevin, for doing the legwork on the JL Childress bag for the Switch!

Disclaimer: Peg Perego is not affiliated in any way with JL Childress, nor is this an endorsement of their products. This post is simply a presentation of information to keep you the customer aware and informed of products that may enhance your experience with your Peg Perego stroller.  The information presented in this post, regarding availability, price, etc. of JL Childress products, may change.

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Peg Perego has a new website!

I’m so happy to announce the launch of our new website, complete with all the info and photos you need on our 2010 collection! On the new website, you can:

  1. Check out the complete 2010 Collection
  2. See the fabrics available on each model
  3. View product Photo Galleries
  4. Download User Manuals and the 2010 Collection Catalog
  5. Find an authorized retailer
  6. Head over to our YouTube channel
  7. Get the scoop on all our available accessories

And, if you run across some questions, feel free to send me an email or post a comment on the blog.

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Peg Perego Factory Outlet Store

If you’re ever in the Northern Indiana area and happen to be shopping around for some baby gear, we invite you to visit us at the Peg Perego Outlet Store!

The Outlet Store has a wide range of Peg Perego products, new and old, at great prices. And what’s even better is the products are right there, waiting for you to try them out, practice their fold, or check their weight.

One shopper, named Jamesie, emailed me, wondering whether she should make the trip. I encouraged her to give it a shot, and here’s what she wrote back with:

THANK YOU for suggesting I stop by the outlet!

… Being able to see almost all of the products in one place was wonderful. I drooled over the Pliko Switch in Gala, the Duette and some of the fun ride-ons – my son would be so cute on a cub cadet when he gets older. :)

And Customer Service was fabulous! [The rep] was helpful, accommodating, honest and such a pleasure to talk with.

But the best part was picking up the 2009 Si in Corallo Stripes!
Thanks again!

So, come on out and see us!

Peg Perego Factory Outlet Store

3625 Independence Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46808-4504

And feel free to call beforehand to verify that we have what you’re looking for in stock. Customer Service may be reached at 1-800-671-1701.

Outlet Store hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm (EST).

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