Tips for Disney

As you begin to prepare for a trip to Disney, here are a few tips I’ve picked up on message boards and discussion forums:

1)     Know if you’ll need a stroller. Disney involves lots of excitement, exhaustion and walking, and you’ll find children who at home can go forever without a stroller will suddenly need some assistance getting around. Plan to have a spot on a stroller for each child under 6, and a recline option if you’re traveling with children under 3.

2)     Expect to see a lot of umbrella strollers. They’re the quickest to fold (a must when using the monorail and other public transportation), easiest to fly with (most have Travel Bag accessories), and generally lighter than traditional book-fold strollers.

3)     Claim your stroller with color. As you go on rides and participate in activities, you’ll be leaving your strollers with all the other temporarily unused strollers. Make yours easy to identify by tying a bandana to the handle.

4)     Consider a wheel lock. Leaving the stroller unattended can be a bit unsettling – especially if you’ve brought along a more expensive model. Though you won’t be allowed to chain the stroller to a post, you can put a lock on the wheels or elsewhere on the stroller. The wheel lock would prevent the wheels from moving, while a strategic lock somewhere on the stroller’s frame would prevent it from being folded (this strategy would result in the stroller being left in the parking lot).

5)     Renting is always an option. Even the most well-planned trip has unexpected bumps! Though a bit pricy, Disney does offer stroller rentals. Doubles and singles may be rented each day for a flat fee.

Interested in learning more? For a great forum all about how to do Disney, visit the message boards at Windsor Peak.

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More Information on the Skate Jumper Seat!


Many of you have been asking about the Skate Jumper Seat (set to be released this July), and I’m happy to say I have a bit more information for you. (View the original blog post on the Jumper Seat here).

The Jumper Seat will hold a child up to 40 lbs.! When used with the Skate System stroller seat (which accommodates a child up to 45 lbs.), the stroller will hold a combined maximum weight of 85 lbs.

Also, there is no age or height limit on the Jumper Seat. A child may use it as long as he/she fits comfortably (and is under the 40 lb. weight limit).

Again, we’ll be expecting the Jumper Seat in July, and it will be compatible with both the older (2008-2009) Skate and the new 2010 Skate System.

This is all I have for now, but I’ll continue to post updates as information on the Jumper Seat is available. To be the first to hear, subscribe to our RSS feed or check back at your convenience.

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2010 Pliko P3

By now, you may realize that it can be difficult to find the ‘perfect stroller’ – one that’s not only lightweight and compact, but rugged and durable. One that works just as well in a bustling mall as it does in an outdoor theme park. One that is simple to use without sacrificing any features.

If you’re looking for a versatile, everyday stroller that can “do it all”, I encourage you to consider our best-selling Pliko P3.

The P3 is a solid performer, weighing just enough to give it a smooth, comfortable ride, while allowing it to be easily lifted in and out of the trunk.

With a near-flat recline, an adjustable footrest, a full-reaching canopy, a removable, hinged snack tray, and adjustable handles, it also doesn’t skimp on any features. This means that whether you’re heading out for a quick trip or planning a day-long excursion, you’ll have all you need to keep moving!

The best part about the P3, however, is its umbrella fold. Simple enough to do with one hand, the fold is hassle-free, allowing mom or dad to focus on what matters most – taking care of baby.


For 2010, we’ve added a traditional 5-point harness, along with an extensive fabric collection that includes our new reversible Soft Comfort Fabric (in Marea and Sophia).

For more information on the 2010 Pliko P3, visit our website.

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Peg Perego to Welcome the Voice of Moms

On Monday, April 12, Peg Perego Italy is hosting a very special event with Maria Bailey. Maria is a unique voice for today’s moms – an award-winning author, radio talk show host and TV personality, and the founder of bluesuitmom.com and newbaby.com.

Maria and Peg Perego will host nearly 100 moms from the mamma che blog at The Hub in Milan, Italy. They’ll share experiences and discuss the many issues that are a part of every mom’s balancing act!

Moms everywhere can tune into the event via live webcast on momtv.com. Simply go to www.momtv.com/mommixermilano.html at 1:00pm Eastern Time (US) on Monday, April 12 to take part.

In the coming days, we’ll have video of the event, as well as pictures and details on the topics discussed.

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How Our Strollers Fold

A huge factor in purchasing a stroller comes down to the fold. How compact is it? What does it look like? Is it an umbrella? A traditional book fold? Something new?

To help you visualize the fold on each stroller, here are some pictures (and quick descriptions!). Remember, I’m always ready to answer your questions!

GT3 ForTwo

A stroller for two, the GT3 ForTwo folds in half with the sling seat in tact!


Skate System

The ultimate in luxury, the new Skate System’s chassis folds down (with one hand!) with or without the stroller seat attached.



The stroller with the reversible handlebar, the Uno has a traditional book fold.


Pliko P3

Our most popular everyday stroller, the P3 has a one-hand umbrella fold.


Pliko Switch

Our reversible umbrella stroller, the Switch also has an umbrella fold.



Light and compact, the Si has an easy one-hand umbrella fold.



Super light and easy to use, the Vela has a simple, one-hand book fold.


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