Included Accessories for 2010 Products

Depending on a product’s release year, it may come with different accessories. For example, the 2009 Si came with a rain shield. The 2010 model instead comes with the new bumper bar. This can cause a bit of confusion for shoppers who get mixed up between the two.

So, as an easy reference for 2010 products, here’s a chart that lists out all the accessories that come with our strollers:

2010 Strollers Included Accessories
Pliko P3 Adult Cup Holder, Child Snack Tray
Pliko Switch Adult Cup Holder, Child Snack Tray
Si Car Seat Adapter Straps, Adult Cup Holder, Bumper Bar
Uno Leg Cover, Adult Cup Holder, Child Snack Tray
Skate System Leg Cover, Rain Cover, Removable Shopping Basket, Car Seat Adapters, Adult Cup Holder, Bumper Bar
Vela Adult Cup Holder, Child Snack Tray
GT3 ForTwo Parent Pack, Leg Cover, Rain Shield, Adult Cup Holder, Car Seat Adapter Straps, Bumper Bar
Aria Twin 60-40 Adult Cup Holder, Child Snack Tray (2)
Duette SW Leg Cover (2), Bumper Bar (2)
Triplette SW Leg Cover (3), Bumper Bar (3)

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User Profile: Beach Babies

Spring has sprung here in the Midwest!  And right away, people have begun to talk about vacations, travel and beaches.

So, for the family who calls the beach ‘home’ as well as the family who’ll be spending some time on the sandy coast, I’ve put together a list of the best Peg Perego strollers for the sand, sea, and sun!

The GT3 ForTwoThree large wheels make the GT3 ForTwo the best option for navigating sand. Its rear shock absorbers provide three unique settings, and one of them (the HARD setting) was specifically designed with sand in mind!

A huge canopy helps keep the sun’s rays off baby’s skin, and the included cup holders ensure everyone stays hydrated. The extra large basket is also great for toting around beach gear!

The Skate SystemOur smoothest ride, the Skate System’s front wheels can be locked while its large, rear rubber wheels help guide it over sand. A removable shopping basket holds extra essentials underneath, while a large canopy shields baby.

And, if at the beach with an infant, the bassinet component can be removed and placed directly on the sand, keeping baby close by at all times.

The UnoBy reversing the Uno’s handlebar, the large, 10.25” foam rubber wheels become the front wheels, allowing this luxury stroller to plow through sand with minimal effort! Plus, its full recline sees to it that baby can rest peacefully should the day get a bit long.

The spacious hood converts to a sun canopy for skin protection, while the included snack tray and cup holder keep snacks and fluids by baby at all times.

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Peg Perego Si vs. Peg Perego Vela

I’ve have quite a few questions lately, asking me to differentiate between the Si and the new Vela. Both are lightweight. Both are deemed “travel-ready” strollers. Both are considerably compact.

But how do you know which one to buy?

Let’s go over the basics:

Si Vela
Ride/Maneuverability The Si wheels have 12 ball bearings that make this stroller extremely easy to push around and more adaptable than the Vela when used outdoors. Vela’s three larger wheels help it navigate narrow aisles and tight corners.
Fold The Si has an umbrella fold that can be accomplished with one hand. You can see it in action in our video of the 2009 model. The Vela has a traditional book fold. You can think of it like a folding chair. The seat part folds up to meet the backrest and the handlebar slides down.
Comfort The Si has a 3-position backrest and a 2-position adjustable footrest. The backrest is adjusted by levers on either side of the stroller seat. The Vela has a multi-position backrest. It adjusts by loosening the strap behind the seat and allowing the backrest to move downward. It doesn’t have an adjustable footrest.
Handles/Handlebar The Si has two handles that are adjustable for comfort. The Vela has a single handlebar that makes one-hand steering easy.
Wheels The Si has four 6.5” wheels. The Vela has three wheels. The double front wheel is 6.5”. The rear wheels are a bit bigger at 7.5”.
Storage There is a spacious basket under the seat and a pocket on the canopy. There is a spacious basket under the seat and a pocket on the canopy.
Travel System The Si accepts a car seat via the adapter straps that come with the stroller. The Vela has Ganciomatic hooks underneath the seat’s padding. These hooks allow the Primo Viaggio car seat to snap into place.
Weight 14lbs. 10lbs.
Dimensions When open:

34.25” x 20” x 40.25”

When closed:

12.25” x 12.25” x 39”

When open:

36” x 23” x 39”

When closed:

12” x 23” x 39”

Accessories The 2010 Si comes with a bumper bar, adult cup holder and adapter straps The Vela comes with a snack tray and adult cup holder.

Making the final decision

The Si’s ball bearings make a significant difference when it comes to ride and performance. For the family that will rely on a lightweight travel stroller for more than weekly trips to the grocery store and library, the Si is the best choice. It’s just an all-around more comfortable experience for parent and baby.

But, for the family that either needs a stroller that can navigate the bustling, obstacle-ridden mall or desires a more straightforward travel system, I’d recommend the Vela. It’s so light and easy to maneuver, and the snack tray is an easy distraction for baby—meaning more shopping time for mom!

Visit for more information on these great travel-ready strollers.

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Skate System Accessories

I just received a request for some photos of Skate System accessories. So, instead of emailing them directly to the person who asked, I’ve put them here on the blog.

These accessories are available for the Skate System. They are sold separately, available from any authorized Peg Perego retailer or through our Customer Service department.

The Skate Snack Tray:


The Skate Umbrella:


The Skate Bassinet Stand:


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Peg Perego on ABC’s Modern Family!

Have you been watching ABC’s latest hit Modern Family? If so, you may have noticed Peg Perego products! The show’s characters, Mitchell and Cameron, can oftentimes be seen out strolling with a 2009 Pliko P3 in Papaia and transporting their adopted daughter in a Primo Viaggio car seat!

(Oh, and their diaper bag is Peg Perego as well!!)

To watch Modern Family episodes and sneak a peek at the P3 and Primo Viaggio in action, visit!

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2010 Product Reference Chart

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing the products that had major changes for 2010, including the products that are new! But we haven’t spent much time on the products that have had minor changes. So, as a quick reference guide, this chart provides information on the 2010 models that either underwent minor updates or no updates at all (excluding fabric collection updates):

Product Changes for 2010 More Detail
Pliko P3 Harness The 2010 P3 introduces a traditional 5-point harness.
Pliko Switch Harness The 2010 Switch introduces a traditional 5-point harness.
Uno Harness The 2010 Uno introduces a traditional 5-point harness.
Si Adapter Straps The 2010 Si’s adapter straps secure the car seat by wrapping around each side of the car seat’s handlebar (where it attaches). They then affix to the stroller.
Bumper Bar The 2010 model includes a hinged, removable front bumper bar.
Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 None
Duette SW None
Triplette SW None
Prima Pappa Best/Diner None
Tatamia None

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