GT3 ForTwo FAQs

gt3-for-two300pxTo view a GT3 ForTwo in your area, please use our Where to Buy tool for a list of Peg Perego retailers.


1. What is the weight capacity for both the stroller seat and sling seat? The main stroller seat accommodates up to 45 pounds. The rear sling seat accommodates up to 35 pounds. Children should be at least 6 months old before using either seat unless they are within the Primo Viaggio SIP infant seat (which can attach to the main stroller seat to become a Travel System).

2. Is the sling seat removable? The padding on the seat is removable to create an excellent shopping basket.

3. Is the sling seat compatible with Canada’s GT3? Because the GT3 ForTwo’s sling seat is an integrated part of the stroller (as opposed to an attachment), it cannot be used with the GT3.

4. How deep is the stroller seat’s recline? The stroller seat on the GT3 ForTwo can recline halfway (there is a bar behind the seat preventing it from going too far back and bothering the rear passenger).

5. What sets the GT3 ForTwo apart from other inline strollers for multiples? Three things: A) accessories, B) fold, C) travel system-compatibility:

A) While many strollers similar in style to the GT3 ForTwo require the user to purchase accessories separately, the GT3 ForTwo comes with all you need to get started and more! Included accessories: Parent Pack (for keys and other adult essentials), Boot, Rain shield, Two adult cup holders, Primo Viaggio car seat adapter straps.

B) The GT3 ForTwo folds with the sling seat in tact! Most strollers in this style require the rear seat to be partially or completely removed. Not the GT3 ForTwo!

C) No need for one or the other! The GT3 ForTwo accommodates an older child in the rear sling seat while accommodating a car seat in the main stroller seat. Just another way to make life a little bit easier!

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User Profile: The Northern Parent

With all the snow the East saw this past week, it’s no wonder the northern-dwelling family needs gear that will accommodate slushy, bumpy terrain; windy, chilly days; and unpredictable, frigid nights.

Big wheels, weather-ready accessories, and ease of use are essential northern-bound stroller qualities. So, what do we suggest?


The Uno – Large rear wheels make the Uno ideal for plowing through snow and getting through slush. Plus, its included leg cover is a lifesaver when it gets cold and windy. Simply attach the cover and pull the large canopy all the way down for a wind-blocking effect that will keep baby warm and protected.


The Skate System – Complete with a leg cover and rain shield (that work both on the bassinet and stroller seat), the Skate is truly weather-ready. Large rear wheels help it navigate snow, while ball bearings keep the ride as smooth as possible.


The GT3 ForTwo – In snow, three wheels are better than four. The GT3 ForTwo not only offers three large wheels, but has adjustable rear shock absorbers to make getting through slush and snow easier on mom or dad. And did we mention it has rear fenders to prevent splashing, a parent pack for easy-access to the phone and keys, and a leg cover and rain shield?

It doesn’t get better than that.

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User Profile: The SAHM (or SAHD)

Stay-at-home or work-at-home parents rely on baby gear that serves multiple functions in the home and, if possible, outside of it as well. As their days may take them from the in-home office to the playroom to kitchen to the park all before nap time, products that adapt to ever-changing environments are these parents’ life savers.

This environment-ready gear is also great for nannies, baby sitters or grandparents who may run the gamut of situations in a single day’s work.

So what do we recommend for the parent who spends most of the day at home? Here’s our favorites:


The Pliko Switch – We’ve boasted about the Switch’s knack for pleasing the suburban parent, but its transformability also offers some perks for the at-home parent.

After an outside walk, the backrest can be completely reclined so that mom or dad doesn’t have to wake baby from his nap.

A removable seat means a lighter travel option when running errands while baby is an infant. Mom or dad can simply leave the seat behind, relying on the Primo Viaggio’s travel system-compatibility and the chassis’s slim, umbrella fold for a quick run to the grocery store, bank or post office. This option is so light and simple, mom or dad should have no trouble navigating the ins and outs of traveling with baby.


The Tatamia – The Tatamia truly is three pieces of baby gear all rolled into one. First, it’s an infant recliner, giving the at-home parent an option for their sleeping baby wherever they may be in the house.

Then, it’s a manual baby swing—something the at-home parent will appreciate when trying to get some work done. An easy nudge is all it takes to get the smooth swing going.

And, finally, it’s a high chair. But not any high chair—this chair follows baby to the point where he/she is ready to sit at the table like a grown up. The tray comes off, the seat raises or lowers (depending on dining table height), and the chair rolls right up to the table. Just like a big kid!


The Skate System – No other Peg Perego product follows mom, dad and baby so seamlessly from bedroom to living room to sidewalk to park as the Skate System. The Skate truly is one piece of baby gear that seems to do it all.

With the Bassinet Stand (available for separate purchase), the Skate’s Bassinet unit becomes a safe haven for your infant during the night. During the day, the portable Bassinet component can be moved about the house, resting directly on the floor, on the chassis or in the stand. This is great for the work-at-home parent who must be in their at-home office, but wants baby there as well.

Once little one grows, the stroller’s sleek style allows mom or dad to use the seat as a youth chair, pulling the stroller directly up to the dining room table.

And throughout baby’s life the Skate System offers a durable, stylish option for outdoor walks and trips to the park.

Whether in carriage or stroller mode, the Skate sees to it that mom, dad, and baby have all they could want for their at-home needs.

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User Profile: The Rural Parent


Lengthy outings and bumpy terrain—those are two of the lifestyle issues rural-dwelling parents must consider when purchasing baby gear.

A trip into the city can oftentimes be a day-long event for rural parents, as they cram a few weeks’ worth of shopping into a Saturday afternoon. That’s why the baby gear for these parents must first and foremost be comfortable for baby. Whether that means a well-cushioned seat or adjustable recline, the stroller must provide baby multiple comfort levels that accommodate him while sleeping, eating or sitting.

Using the stroller at home, however, focuses more on the rugged adaptability of the stroller’s engineering and design. Larger wheels, weather-ready accessories and shock absorbers will see to it that come rain or shine, the gravely, bumpy terrain past your doorstep doesn’t pose a problem.


The Uno – Durable and feature-packed, the Uno is a great option for the rural family. Large wheels and zero-radius turning help it effortlessly maneuver rocky, bumpy terrain, while the luxurious seat, reversible handlebar, 180-degree recline and 2-position leg rest ensure maximum comfort.

Included accessories: boot, snack tray, adult cup holder


The GT3 ForTwoThis rugged stroller for multiples comes with all you need for a smooth ride and great day-trip experience. Rural families will appreciate how the adjustable shock absorbers and large wheels provide maximum comfort for baby, while the included Parent Pack, cup holder and extra large storage basket make shopping a breeze. (Sling seat padding may be removed for an even bigger shopping basket!). Plus, it’s Travel System-compatible—with the sling seat intact!

Included accessories: Parent Pack, water bottle holder, Bumper Bar, boot, rain shield, dual retractable side adult cup holders

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