New Accessory for the Skate System – a Jumper Seat!


A new accessory will be available for the Skate System  this July: the Skate Jumper Seat!

Though I don’t have all the details on it yet, I do know the seat will be sold as an accessory from authorized retailers. It is designed to attach to the Skate’s chassis, and is compatible with both the older (2008-2009) model and the new Skate System!

What a great, stylish way to turn the sleek Skate into a stroller for two!

I’ll be posting more information on this accessory as it’s available, so if you’re interested in hearing more over the next few months, subscribe to our RSS feed or check back with us when you get the chance.

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User Profile: The Suburban Parent

Surrounded by well-paved sidewalks, giant playgrounds, spacious mini vans, and rows and rows of suburbs as far as the eye can see (filled with day trips and fun activities!), the Suburban Parent is all about features and options.

A tried and true product for the Suburban Parent, is the Travel System. Travel Systems allow parents who travel by car or SUV to transport baby from the house to the car to the stroller and back to the car with ease, as the car seat easily affixes to both the stroller and the car seat base.

A typical complaint about these products, however, is that they pair a wonderful car seat with a less than ideal stroller. Consequently, most suburban families end up with two, three or four strollers, swapping one out for the other, based on destination, trip duration, and weather.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are products, Travel Systems, and strollers that do it all.


The Travel System – Peg Perego raises the bar on the Travel System, because our Primo Viaggio car seat is compatible with any of our strollers. From the lightweight Vela to the ultimate stroller for multiples, the Triplette, any and all of our strollers readily accept the Primo Viaggio. This way, families are able to shop for the stroller that will truly meet their needs, resulting in a better, happier purchase.

And for the family who prefers a quick shopping experience, we also offer pre-packaged Travel Systems. In one box, these systems come with everything families need: the infant seat, the LATCH system base, and the stroller.

Our pre-packaged systems come in two great options for suburban families. There’s the Si Travel System, for the family who needs a lightweight, on-the-go option; and there’s the Pliko Switch Travel System, for the family who wants a few more features.


The Pliko Switch – While it may be tempting to opt for a smaller, lighter stroller, the reality is that those models won’t provide the comfort, or durability needed to make the transition from the mall to the park.

The Pliko Switch is the perfect example of a mid-weighted stroller that is not only packed with features, but light and sturdy enough to go from playground woodchips, to car trunk, to glossy wooden flooring.


-        Seat “switches” around, so baby can face you or the world ahead!

-        Converts from stroller to carriage

-        Folds with the seat attached, facing either direction

-        Travel System-ready


The Skate System – For the ultimate in luxury and features, Suburban Parents should look no further than the Skate System. This three-piece system goes from a carriage to a stroller in seconds, and folds just as quickly with or without the stroller seat attached.

Not only is the Skate System travel system-ready (the Primo Viaggio attaches to the Skate’s chassis with the included adapters), it’s the easiest of our stroller to push and maneuver—and that’s saying a lot!

A removable shopping basket, winter-ready boot and rain-ready rain shield round out the Skate, making it much more than a sleek design. It’s a practical stroller!

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User Profile: The Urban Parent

Because cities provide all you need within a small radius from your condo or apartment, walking and public transportation are huge aspects of city life. Finding baby gear that is portable but also comfortable is the goal of the Urban Parent.

In dealing with public transportation it’s good to find a stroller that’s light, compact, and folds in seconds. This makes hopping on and off trains and subways a breeze, while ensuring other passengers aren’t bothered by chunky gear or lengthy stops

When it comes to walking, a comfortable yet maneuverable stroller is essential. It’ll not only keep baby content during lengthy grocery store outings, it’ll navigate the small coffee shops and shopping spaces along the way.

So what do we recommend?

Gold Option

The Peg Perego Si – Light and compact with an umbrella-fold, the Si is a sure bet for train-catching and subway hopping. Its large canopy blocks strong winds, while its ability to turn on a dime, considerable basket and sturdy frame will prove helpful when running errands.

Small enough to store in a closet or corner, it’s also a great stroller for apartment life.

The Peg Perego Vela – New for 2010, the Vela takes some of the old Aria OH’s most-loved qualities, but ads extra maneuverability and sturdiness, making this book-fold stroller great for city transportation and shopping.

Not to mention, at 9.5 pounds, it’s the lightest stroller in our collection.

Silver Option

The Peg Perego P3 – The Si’s big brother, the P3 has an equally great fold, turn radius, canopy and basket, but its seat has a bit more padding. Great for the parent who plans on hitting the pavement with baby.

Platinum Option

The Uno – For the Urban Parent who wants a more luxurious option, we recommend the Uno. The large back wheels, convertible hood/sun canopy, included boot and reversible handlebar make this stroller weather-ready. And it also converts to a carriage—no extra parts needed!

It also has zero-radius turning, a traditional book fold and a completely flat recline.

Check back weekly, as we continue to take a look at how Peg Perego products meet the lifestyle needs of the American family—from coast to coast.

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Staying Fashionable in the New Year

It’s the time of resolutions! Get fit. Lose weight. Organize the office. Read more. Volunteer more.

We’ve heard (and committed to) these resolutions year after year, but there’s one resolution that is often overlooked—the resolution to stay fashionable and confident.

There’s no denying it. Decades are often defined by fashion (what would the 90’s be without Jennifer Anniston’s haircut?!), yet for so many parents, it’s the first thing they lose touch of after having starting their family.

That’s why Peg Perego takes extra care to ensure our fabrics and designs reflect the most current trends in fashion. Because we believe that baby products should be just as stylish as the parents (and babies!) who use them.

You can see this in our upcoming Gala fabric, an urban-chic plaid over a black background, or our re-designed Skate System, a minimalist look with a materialist feel.

Here’s our entire 2010 Collection by product. If you click on a product and then click on it again when you are redirected to a new page, it’ll open up for a larger view.

Perhaps you’ll be inspired to stay fashionable this year!








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