2010 Fabric Collection Update

Some changes have been made to the 2010 Peg Perego Fabric Collection, affecting the Vela, Prima Pappa Newborn, Prima Pappa Diner, and Pliko Switch Travel System.

And! A new color has been added to the collection: Pepper!

So, here’s what’s going on:


The Vela will not be offered in Lavanda. Replacing this color will be our new fabric color, Pepper.

Prima Pappa Newborn

The Newborn will not be offered in Bandana Cherry and Bandana Beige. It will still be available in Circles Beige, Circles Cacao, and Circles Color.

Prima Pappa Diner

The Prima Pappa Diner will not be available in Naif Sand. It will still be available in Naif Rose and Naif Cacao.

Pliko Switch Travel System

Our pre-packaged Pliko Switch Travel system will now be available in Paprica and Dune, similar to the Si Travel System. It will not be available in Java (as earlier reported).


And, for the most exciting news . . . we’ve added Pepper to the 2010 Fabric Collection. It’s a spicy red with black accents.

Pepper will be available on the following Peg Perego 2010 products:





Pliko P3

Pliko P3

Primo Viaggio

Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30

Please continue to check back for the latest information on the 2010 collection! To subscribe to the Peg Perego USA blog, click on the RSS icon at the top right of the page (underneath the videos icon).

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Happy Holidays from Peg Perego!

With Hanukah wrapping up last weekend and Christmas right around the corner, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers (old, new, and prospective!) for a wonderful year!

We wish you and your family the very best this holiday season.

And, if you happened to give or receive a Peg Perego product, here’s who to turn to should you have questions or need assistance:

Peg Perego USA

All USA customers, please direct post-purchase inquiries to our USA Customer Service department.


Phone: 1-800-671-1701

Please direct pre-purchase inquiries to the Online Associate.


Our USA offices will be open Christmas Eve from 8am to 4pm (EST) and closed Christmas Day. We will hold regular office hours the following week, but will be closed New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Peg Perego Canada

All Canadian customers, please direct inquiries to our Canadian Customer Service department.

Phone: 1-800-661-5050

Para los residents de Mexico:

Servicio Al Cliente: 01-800-710-1369

Peg Perego International

All other customers (European, Asian, Australian, etc), please contact Peg Perego SpA (Milan, Italy) for your Customer Service needs.

Phone: (011) 39-039-6088213

Happy Holidays!

Peg Perego

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Accessory Gift Guide

Know of someone who may appreciate a Travel Bag for their P3 or an extra set of Car Seat Adapters for their Skate?

Baby gear accessories make for great gifts, and though Peg Perego prides itself on including many of the necessary accessories with the product, there are still a few that we sell separately. So, here’s a list of what accessories we currently have for some of our 2009 products.

Peg Perego’s Accessory Gift Guide

(Blue indicates items that come automatically with the product)

1)     Tatamia.

  1. Accessory set in Verde or Arancio

2)     P3.

  1. Adult Cup Holder
  2. Child Tray
  3. Rain Cover
  4. Mosquito Netting
  5. Child Tray
  6. Travel Bag
  7. Bumper Bar
  8. Umbrella
  9. Borsa Mamma

3)     Skate (2008-2009).

  1. Adult Cup Holder
  2. Boot
  3. Rain Cover
  4. Car Seat Adapters
  5. Bassinet Stand
  6. Bassinet Liner
  7. Borsa Skate
  8. Snack Tray
  9. Skate Umbrella
  10. Borsa Mamma

4)     Switch

  1. Adult Cup Holder
  2. Rain Cover
  3. Mosquito Netting
  4. Bumper Bar
  5. Child Tray
  6. Umbrella
  7. Borsa Mamma

5)     Prima Pappa

  1. Activity Tray
  2. Replacement Upholstery

6)     Primo Viaggio

  1. LATCH Base
  2. Extra LATCH Base
  3. Additional fabrics

If interested in purchasing any of these accessories, please locate your nearest retailer or contact Customer Service.

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2010 Timeline for Launch

Though I’m receiving lots of different questions about our 2010 products, one of the most common questions has to do with new product availability. To help provide you with more immediate answers, we’ve compiled all of our expected release times for the 2010 collection and fabrics.

Please keep in mind that these times are subject to change. For all December releases, please expect these to be available mid-month or by the end of the month.


Product Expected Release
P3 December 2009 model available now
Switch December 2009 model available now
Uno December 2009 model available now
GT3 ForTwo December
Si January 2009 model available now
Aria Twin 60/40 January 2009 model available now
Skate System Late January / Early February 2009 model available now
Vela January / February
Duette February 2009 model available now
Triplette June 2009 model available now

High Chairs

Tatamia Out now in stores
Prima Pappa Best Out now in stores
Prima Pappa Diner Naif Rose available in February / Cacao out now in stores
Prima Pappa Newborn February

Car Seat

Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 December 2009 model available now

Pre-Packaged Travel Systems

Travel System (Si) January
Travel System (Switch) March

To locate a retailer near you, check out our Where to Buy store locator.

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