2010 Fabric Collection: Girly Girls

Do you have a girly girl in your life? Maybe one on the way?

Peg Perego prides itself on using only the most fashion-forward colors and designs on our upholstery. Since our designers work out of Milan, they’re able to easily study the coming year’s hottest trends, creating fabric collections that capture the most impactful styles and crazes. Consequently, our collections have historically been gender-neutral, adhering to colors of fashion as opposed to colors of gender.

But with purple solidified as an “it” color for the second year in a row, we knew it was time to welcome something a bit more feminine—a bit more geared to the girliest of girls.

For the 2010 collection, we have two feminine fabrics that are sure to please, not only for their delicate, girly appeal, but for their top status in the coming year’s trends. Lavanda was selected and designed for its refreshing nod to the currently vogue purple, while Naif Rose was selected not only for how well it accentuated the fashion-forward Naif design, but to meet the growing demand for a pink upholstery.

While these fabrics may appeal to girly girls, they certainly have their place in the fashion world.

Lavanda. A soft lavender is accented by a cool gray for a combination that is both chic and feminine. Purple is entering its second year as a top color, and our Lavanda upholstery reflects that prominence. Lavanda can be found on the 2010 Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat (below) and the 2010 Pliko P3 stroller (below).


Naif Rose. A vibrant pink joins the popular and modern Naif design for a look that is both girly and hip. Pink fabrics are in high demand at Peg Perego; the last time we offered a pink fabric was in 2007. Naif Rose can be found on the 2010 Prima Pappa Diner high chair (below).


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Holiday Shopping with Baby

Holiday shopping is upon us! Before you head out to grab all those great Black Friday deals and seasonal specials, it may be helpful to know how your stroller can not only make the experience better for baby, but easier on mom. Here are things to look for when considering which stroller to take shopping:

1)     Sturdiness. Holiday shopping often keeps you moving from store to store with little to no opportunity to drop your purchases off at the car. A sturdy stroller can greatly alleviate the situation, as it will safely and helpfully accept bags on its handlebars without being wobbly or tippy.

2)     Storage. There’s no need for a shopping cart if your stroller’s basket is big enough! Shopping without a cart will make you more maneuverable, streamlined, compact and available to take advantage of the deals around you.

3)     Recline. Black Friday shoppers know that those early-hour deals can’t be passed up! When bringing baby along for the ride, be sure to grab a stroller with a recline, as he’ll probably want to catch a few Zzz’s as you catch deals.

4)     Portability. Nothing is more streamlined than Travel Systems when it comes to transporting baby via the family car. A good Travel System will allow baby to remain safely within her car seat, as you move it from the sedan to the stroller and back in seconds.

5)     Stand. Some strollers are able to stand on their own after they’ve been folded. This not only keeps your hands free to find a place for all your purchases, it sees to it that the stroller stays out of any rain and snow that may have accumulated on the pavement.

Let the shopping begin!

Wishing you a great Thanksgiving from all of us here at Peg Perego.

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A High Chair for the Holidays

Would you believe Thanksgiving is a couple weeks away?

Extensive feasting, golden turkeys and plenty of friends and relatives to go around—Thanksgiving is a time to relive old memories, create new ones and celebrate family. So, regardless of whether this is baby’s first, second or third Thanksgiving, you can be sure to have exactly what she’ll need to participate in the festivities.

Tatamia – Perhaps you’re a grandparent, in need of a chair that will adapt to meet the needs of the various ages of your grandchildren? The Tatamia follows children from infancy into youth, as it transitions from an infant recliner to a youth chair.

Fabrics for 2010 include: Cacao, Paloma and Latte.


Prima Pappa Newborn – New for 2010! The Newborn is just that—a high chair that accommodates infants. But like the Tatamia, it’s also great for toddlers! Looking for a compact, straightforward high chair that can be used immediately? Look no further! (available in February)

  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Four recline positions from upright to full recline
  • Seven heights
  • Non-scratching rubber wheels with rear brakes
  • Tray stores on chairs back legs
  • Perfect for use as a youth chair as your toddler grows up
  • 45lb. weight capacity

Newborn fabrics for 2010 include: Circles Beige, Circles Cacao, Circles Color, Bandana Beige (edit: No longer available 12/09), and Bandana Cherry (edit: No longer available 12/09)


Prima Pappa Best and Diner – Perhaps you’re on the lookout for a chair that will stand the test of time? The Prima Pappa Best and Prima Pappa Diner are tried and true in the department of dependability. The Best offers luxurious butter-soft upholstery, while the Diner comes in functional vinyl.

Best fabrics for 2010 include: Cacao and Paloma

Diner fabrics for 2010 shown below: Naif Sand(edit: No longer available 12/09), Naif Rose and Naif Cacao


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The Peg Perego Vela

vela-300pxFor the out and about, light-traveling family who prefers a more traditional look and feel, we present a new product for 2010: the Vela (VAY-lah).

Steering and maneuverability are the Vela’s star features, thanks to the three, larger wheels that turn on a dime and streamline movement. But it’s the single handle bar, book fold, and Ganciomatic Travel System-capabilities that truly set it apart from other strollers in the Peg Perego line. Both the book fold and the single handlebar are more traditional features, highly valued by many families, while the inclusion of Ganciomatic hooks ensure the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat will snap directly into the stroller seat.

And, at only 9.5 pounds, it’s the lightest stroller in our 2010 collection!

Fast facts:

  • Travel System-compatible
  • Three-wheel design
  • Larger wheels for enhanced steering and maneuverability
  • Compact book fold stands alone when folded
  • One hand fold
  • Hinged snack tray with duel cup holders
  • Large storage basked
  • Included adult cup holder
  • 9.5 pounds


The Vela will be available in February/March in four colors: Lavanda (edit: No longer available 12/09), Java, Tropical, Kiwi and Pepper. Please check with your local retailer for availability.

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The New GT3 ForTwo

gt3-for-two300pxPeg Perego is rolling out another new product for 2010—the GT3 ForTwo. With the latest inline stroller trend, and the success of our original GT3 (not available in the US) in Canada, the GT3 ForTwo provides a luxurious all-terrain, inline option for the parent of two!

The sporty GT3 ForTwo appeals to the parent looking for a secondary stroller to tackle all kinds of terrain. Snow, gravel, grass—the GT3 ForTwo expertly and smoothly navigates bumps and foreign territory. It’s able to do this with the help of its 11.5” wheels. The front wheel offers both stationary and 360-degree swivel settings. The rear wheels have soft, medium and hard settings, allowing the stroller to adapt to the ground beneath it:

  • SOFT for uneven surfaces, such as unpaved roads and gravel
  • MEDIUM for smooth, firm surfaces
  • HARD for soft terrain such as sand or grass

One of the best features of the GT3 ForTwo, is that it comes with all you need—car seat adapters, a parent pack, leg cover, cup holders, basket, and components for the sling seat. It’s truly a stroller for the active parent that doesn’t sacrifice luxury or comfort.gt3-for-two-fabrics300px

Fast Facts:

  • Removable, rear sling seat for second passenger
  • Convenient fold with or without sling seat
  • Travel System compatible
  • Rear fenders to prevent splash
  • Duel front wheel settings: 360-degree swivel or stationary
  • Rear shock absorbers with 3 settings
  • Large hood with mesh insert
  • Hinged bumper bar
  • Spacious basket
  • Two adult cup holders
  • Hand brake
  • Height-adjustable handle
  • Includes parent pack, boot, car seat adapter accessories
  • Available in Tropical or Java fabric colors


44″ high, 50.25″ long, 24.6″ wide

44” high, 50.25” long, 24.6” wide

17” high, 43.25” long, 24.6” wide (folded)

35.9 lbs.

Look for the GT3 ForTwo in stores in January!

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