Trick-or-Treating with Baby

Who says baby can’t participate in Halloween festivities? Whether you’ll be tagging along with the big kids or going solo, here are some trick-or-treating pointers:

1)     If trick-or-treating outdoors, grab your day-trip stroller. With more comfort-minded features and a better suspension system than typical travel stroller, the day-trip stroller will see to it that you’re able to navigate bumpy sidewalks while maintaining maximum comfort. Rear footboards give older children the option of hopping on for a ride, while a deep recline ensures that baby won’t have any trouble dozing off while everyone else keeps going.

2)      If trick-or-treating indoors, grab your travel-ready stroller. The smaller frame will help you zip in and out of large crowds while its lightweightedness will keep you going, mall after mall, stop after stop.

3)     If following a group of older trick-or-treaters by keeping up in the family car, be sure to keep baby in his car seat. While the slow pace may make it seem as though ordinary travel rules no longer apply, that’s simply untrue. Keep baby strapped in, just as you would during any car trip. If he gets fussy, stop every now and then to hold and feed or play with him.

4)     If waiting for trick-or-treaters to arrive at your doorstep, try to include baby in the action by keeping her close by. Put a bouncer, high chair or bassinet in an area that will be out of the way of the cold, outside air, but also within your line of sight. Then, when the trick-or-treaters come calling, baby won’t be awoken by the doorbell, nor will she be left to wonder where you went!

But above all, have a safe and happy Halloween!

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Go Anywhere with the 2010 Si


As most of you know, the Si is our lightweight stroller, intended for an on-the-go lifestyle. It hit stores last April and since has received great reviews. Users appreciate its weight, maneuverability and Travel System capabilities. So when it came to updating the product for 2010, we didn’t feel the need to mess much with the makeup of the stroller—except for one thing.

For 2010, the Si will have a bumper bar! Made of plastic, covered in felt, the Si’s new bumper will be sturdy enough to allow baby to experience the world around him and flexible enough to allow the stroller to fold with the bar still attached. Adding the bar also ensures greater ease of use for the stroller’s Travel System capabilities, as it holds the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat in place while mom or dad affixes the included straps.

Like all of our bumper bars, it’s both hinged for easy access to baby and completely removable for when baby gets older and desires to climb in and out of the stroller on her own.  Or, the bar may be completely removed. 2010 fabrics for the Peg Perego Si include Java, Red Step, Black Step, Tropical, Nero, Kiwi, and Pepper (new!) And don’t forget that the Si will also be a part of a pre-packaged Travel System with our new Primo Viaggio ES!

Si FAQs available here.

2009 Si Fact Sheet available here.


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Introducing Reversible Fabric

While our fabrics follow a similar model from year to year, we’re launching something new in 2010—reversible fabric! Featuring an extra-soft, two-sided cushion, our reversible fabric is a great option for parents who live in various climates and experience more intense seasonal changes.

The Soft Comfort side of this durable upholstery will offer luxurious, velvet-like comfort—great for cold months and northern climates. The reverse side features natural cotton—light and breezy for the warmer months.

And along with it being reversible, it’s stain and water resistant! So not only do you get a multi-functional, luxurious fabric, but it’ll be able to perform under baby’s continual tests.

The Soft Comfort Fabric will be available on our P3 and Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat in both Sophia (a rich burgundy) and Marea (a deep navy) and on our Uno in Sophia.


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2010 Fabric Collection – Limited Edition

Designed in what could be considered the fashion capital of the world, Milan, Italy, Peg Perego’s fabric collection is always a direct reflection of the coming year’s trends, colors, and styles. The 2010 collection is no exception.

The entire collection is broken up into six sub-collections: elegance, soft reversible, active, fashion, leather, and limited edition. Each is designed to reflect the taste and lifestyle of a different user in a trendy and fashionable way.

As the weeks progress, we’ll take a deeper look into each sub-collection, and how that assortment of colors and patterns may appeal to different users. But for now, here’s a look at our limited edition, Gala:

For the parent who believes cutting edge trends should work for everyday style, Peg Perego presents Gala—a perfectly plaid fabric, comfortable enough for the smallest of trend-setters.



2010 Peg Perego products in Limited Edition Gala. Clockwise, starting from top left: Pliko Switch stroller, Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant car seat, Pliko P3 stroller, and Uno stroller.

Plaid is back, appearing on runways and store mannequins from Paris to New York. Inspired by this trend, Gala portrays plaid in a chic, modern way. Silver-gray lines criss-cross over a black background, downplaying the busyness that is typical of plaid, yet giving it a fresh, urban feel.

The Gala collection will be available on the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30, Uno, Pliko Switch, and Pliko P3.

Check back next week for a look at our new, soft reversible fabrics for the Pliko P3, Uno and Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30!

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