Peg Perego Travel Systems for 2010

New for 2010, are the Si and Pliko Switch Travel Systems! These pre-packaged systems pair one of our trusty strollers (either the travel-ready Si, or the full-featured Switch) with our new Primo Viaggio ES car seat. While we still support our “build your own travel system” option, we understand that some families appreciate the convenience of acquiring baby’s travel necessities in one, fell swoop.

Available in great colors and packaged to fit in one box, our new Travel Systems are a no-nonsense way of shopping for baby. The only legwork needed comes when deciding between the Si and the Switch! Here’s a helpful guide that breaks down the components of our new Travel Systems:

Pliko Switch Travel System

This combination pairs our full-featured Pliko Switch stroller with our new Primo Viaggio ES. It’s ideal for suburban families who travel primarily by car/SUV and whose destinations range from parks to zoos to malls. The ES attaches directly to the Switch’s chassis. The suggested retail for this Travel System is approximated at $50 less than separate purchases of the Switch and Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30.

Si Travel System

This combination pairs our travel-ready Si stroller with our new Primo Viaggio ES. This Travel System is ideal for parents who are on-the-go, traveling by bus, plan, train or car. It’s ideal for parents looking for a lightweight stroller that will keep up with a busy lifestyle. The suggested retail for the Si Travel System is approximated at $50 less than separate purchases of the Si and Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30.

Si Travel System with Primo Viaggio ES

Si Travel System with Primo Viaggio ES

si-travelsystem-paprica300pxSi Travel System (shown) and Pliko Switch Travel System available in Dune (cream) and Paprica (red).

Primo Viaggio ES

The ES (Euro Star) is a new Peg Perego car seat, quite similar to the Primo Viaggio SIP, but with a few alterations:

  • SIP padding is integrated into the sides of the car seat, offering more room for baby
  • Harness adjusts by re-threading it through the back
  • Fabric is a cotton-polyester blend

Let me know what you think—would you be more tempted to consider these new Travel Systems or build your own?

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Introducing the new Skate System!

Here’s one stroller we unveiled at the ABC Kids Expo last week—the Skate System. Meeting the universal demand for stroller systems, the Skate System combines all the comfort, durability and features of the original Skate with the sought-after functionality of a three-piece system.

Skate (carriage) in KiwiSkate (stroller) in Kiwi

Skate System in Kiwi

The most notable feature proved to be the new weight. Coming it at around 8 pounds less than the original Skate, the new Skate System boasts a 2-pound weight difference on the chassis and a 6-pound difference on the stroller seat.

The next most notable difference was the switch to a three-piece from a two-piece unit. Designed for performance, the Skate System will come with a bassinet, stroller seat and chassis. Users will be able to swap one seat out for the other, depending on the needs of that particular day. They’ll also enjoy using the bassinet at home, as it stands on its own or with the help of the Skate Stand accessory.

Other notable changes to the model include:

  • A removable, collapsible shopping basket with handles
  • An adjustable backrest within the bassinet
  • A roomier stroller seat
  • A push handle with multi-position angle adjustment

Skate System comes with:

  • Chassis
  • Stroller Seat
  • Bassinet
  • Rain Cover
  • Leg Cover (boot)
  • Cup Holder
  • Car Seat Adapters

Available accessories will include:

  • Skate Umbrella (for added shade)
  • Skate Stand (for bassinet)
  • Skate Tray (for snacks!)
  • Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 (travel system compatible)

Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email . . . I’m willing and ready to chat about the new Skate System!

Skate (carriage) in TropicalSkate (stroller) in Tropical

Skate System in Tropical

Skate (carriage) in Black Stepblack

Skate System in Black Step

Skate (carriage) in JavaSkate (stroller) in Java

Skate System in Java

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Car Seat Safety

Saturday (the 12th) was National Seat Check Saturday! Inspection stations all over the country encouraged parents to stop by and get their safety seats checked for proper installation.

Did you miss the memo? Not a problem. Inspection stations are always open and willing to properly install any car seat. While the LATCH system makes installing car seats, such as the Primo Viaggio SIP, much easier than it was when we used only seat belts, it’s still important to make certain everything is as it should be. (Our engineers at Peg Perego have designed a few helpers to ensure installation happens correctly the first time around, but when it comes to safety, it’s never a bad idea to seek a professional opinion).

To locate an inspection station nearest you, use this handy search tool.

Aside from helping achieve proper seat installation, these stations are available to offer advice on car seat-to-car compatibility. For example, if you’re curious as to whether a car seat such as the Primo Viaggio SIP will install properly in a VW Beetle, these are the folks to call.

For a great article on both the LATCH system and car seat safety week, check out Jody DeVere’s post at

And, we’re getting ready to divulge all the great info on our 2010 collection—including the new travel systems we have in the works! Expect all the juicy details in the coming weeks!

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The ABC Kids Expo

Hello, readers! We’re getting ready to kick off the ABC Kids Expo. It’s quite the event, where companies from around the US gather to show off their upcoming products for 2010—and that’s exactly what we’re doing! We’ve got all our 2010 products here and are preparing to demo them over and over, showing patrons of our booth (mostly retailers and media) all of their unique features.

If I could say anything about our new collection, I’d say that it continues our commitment to marry function with comfort and provide a stroller that meets the lifestyle needs of every family. Needless to say, I’m very excited about the new products and can’t wait for the show to hit the road!

As soon as we’ve wrapped up the Expo, I’ll be able to field questions specifically about the 2010 products. We’ve been keeping things under wraps in order to give the Expo the first peek at the new stuff, but once the cat’s out of the bag, you’re free to ask away!

And just in case you’re wishing you could swing by Las Vegas yourself for a look at some of these awesome kid’s products, I’d like to invite you to check back with us through the coming weeks and months as we begin to populate the blog with new product information. We plan on posting photos and into to give you a peek into what’s in store for 2010.

Well, it’s back to the Expo for me. Hope to see you back here next time!

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Baby’s School Year (Part II)

So now it’s just you and the little guy.

The older kids are off at school. The house has returned to normal (for the most part), and you find your youngest looking expectantly at you as his one and only playmate. How do you keep a toddler entertained without sacrificing your own to-do list or resorting to hours of television and video games? We have some ideas:

1)      Sign up with the Park District. Park District activities are great for younger children to experience something new, socialize with others their age and get out of the house. Many of the activities involve arts and crafts, giving your little one an outlet for his messy side. Parents are oftentimes encouraged to join in the fun, but participation isn’t mandatory. Feel free to work on your own projects while little one works on his!

2)      Look into play dates. Know of some other parents who could use time alone? Offer to watch their kids for a few hours with the understanding that you’ll be dropping off your kid at their house the following week. With three or four families participating, the rotation could see to it that you’d be child free once a week, three weeks out of the month!

3)      Let baby help. Just because they’re young doesn’t mean they can help you make dinner, clean the house or grocery shop. By providing baby with a specific task (i.e. stirring the cake batter, dropping items into the cart), he’ll stay interested for longer periods of time. This translates into more time spent toward getting your daily tasks accomplished.

Give it a try! It’ll help take baby’s mind off of how much he may miss his older siblings and allow for a great bonding experience.

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Online Associate Email Temporarily Down

Houston, we have a problem! Not a big one, but one that’s worth mentioning . . .

I haven’t been able to access my inbox the past few days, because a switch in internet providers caused a few problems in accessing my account. Strange, I know, but there’s not much I can do until our wonderful IT crew figures this thing out.

I hope to be up and running early next week and will be sure to keep you updated if plans change. Until then, have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

-        Amanda

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